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Deep Web vs Dark Web: Understanding the Differences

The surface web is familiar to most people. We use it daily to read the news, peruse social media, and do searches. It’s everything that a search engine has found and cataloged. However, phishing attempts are not eliminated from the surface web and are typically deemed secure for consumers. Interestingly, the surface web-only accounts for around 10% of the internet. So, what about the other 90% of the web?

The rest of the internet is comprised of dark and deep webs. The Dark and Deep Web is not easily accessible to you unless you use Tor Browser. Internet search engines do not index this area of the web. But when comparing the dark web and deep web, it’s necessary to acknowledge the difference between the two. In this article, we’ll explain the difference between Deep Web vs Dark Web.

What is Deep Web?

In simple terms, the deep web includes all those information that can not be searched using normal search engines. For example, if you are not able to search for something on Google, it’s probably present on the Deep Web. Accessing information on the deep web does not necessarily have to be unlawful or harmful for the person doing it.

The deep web comprises a material that requires a login to access, as well as pages with a paywall. You can simply access anything on Google without a password, but not on Deep Web. You can compare the situation with movie streaming platforms such as Netflix, which require a username and password to access it. It’s possible to search for a site’s log-in and marketing pages using a search engine, but much of the site’s content is restricted.

What is Dark Web?

When it comes to the dark web, it is a minor portion of the deep web, which means it isn’t indexed by search engines as well. Access to the dark web necessitates the installation of specialized software designed to handle the necessary encryption. Although most of the websites on the dark web are used for illegal activities, it is to be noted that not all websites are such illegal on the dark web.

The Onion Router (TOR) is required for you to surf Dark Web. TOR is one of the most widely used dark web overlay networks. Special software is required to access TOR sites, which have a “.onion” root. You may use a TOR browser to visit TOR websites. A browser like this is required because it creates a random path of relays, each with its encryption, which helps to connect to the sites. It’s important to keep in mind that this does not guarantee complete anonymity.

Deep Web vs Dark Web: What is the Difference?

It is to be noted that the deep web is a very vast platform. And the Dark web is a part of it. So, it can be interpreted that, they are not polar opposite in nature. They have some similarities, as well as differences. Here, we’ll discuss the key difference between Deep Web vs Dark Web.

  • In simple terms, the deep web is that part of the internet that can’t be accessed by search engines. Accessing the deep web doesn’t require any special browser. However, only the Tor browser provides access to the dark web. As a result of the browser’s encrypting nature, everyone who tries to visit the dark web is automatically anonymous. In addition, URLs on the dark web are markedly different from those on the public web.
  • There are many legitimate reasons to utilize the dark web, but there are also many unlawful reasons to use it.
  • Deep Web access requires a password and encryption, whereas accessing the dark web necessitates using a browser like Tor.
  • Conventional search engines are unable to access both the Deep and the Dark Web.
  • While the Deep Web is far larger than the Surface Web, the extent of the Dark Web is incalculable at this time.

Are dark and Deep Web illegal or safe?

It is entirely lawful to use the Tor browser or attempt to view a non-indexed page. A page that can’t be accessed by the usual search engine doesn’t need to handle illegal activities.

Similarly, you can test Tor’s dark web browsing capabilities without breaching any laws. Regardless of the browser you use, it is always unlawful to purchase illicit products like narcotics or counterfeit papers.

Attempting to surf the dark web should only be done at your own risk. Before signing in to a site, check sure it’s legitimate by verifying its URL. In the dark web, scammers and hackers are always trying to steal your personal information through phishing.

As clearly mentioned above, surfing both the dark and deep web is not illegal in itself. Using these webs to conduct or be a part of illicit activities is illegal. However, it is always recommended to use these webs at your own risk.



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