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Apple to Launch iMac Pro in Spring 2022

Just as soon as we heard that Apple’s iMac Pro will be introduced soon, the rumors and leaks have started surfacing on the internet.

Earlier this year, Apple refurbished their iMacs with the brand new launching of their 24-inch iMac that was tuned with Apple Silicon’s M1 chipset. So it is being rumored that Apple will be expected to launch a revamped iMac pro in the market soon as well.

The company’s next-gen and larger-screen iMac Pro is expected to be launched next year. Here is what is known about the iMac pro so far.

The New and Revamped iMac Pro

Apple is rumored to be working on a refurbished version of larger-screened iMacs that might bring back the old name “iMac Pro” back in action. This will be done in order to differentiate it from the 24-inched iMac that was released this year.

The iMac Pro is expected to be larger and will be having an updated design. The previous iMac Pro was released back in 2017 but it was discontinued this year, so it is safe to assume that the upcoming device will be laden with some updates.

iMac Pro Expected Features

Here are some of the rumored features of the iMac Pro by some trusted sources:

  • 16 GB RAM
  • 512 GB storage
  • HDMI port
  • SD card slot
  • USB-C/Thunderbolt ports
  • Ethernet port built into the power adapter
  • M1 Pro and M1 Max chips

The device is rumored to have a refresh rate of 120Hz for smoother gaming and scrolling through apps and to improve general animations. Leaker Dylandkt says that the iMac Pro will have black bezels which will be slimmer and have less of a bottom chin than the Pro Display XDR.

Display analyst Ross Young says that the incoming iMac is going to have the same design as the 24 inch iMac and Pro Display XDR and in order to display brighter colors, deeper blacks, and improved HDR, the device will adopt a mini-LED display.

According to some leaks by Dylandkt, Apple is also reported to be testing Face ID for the iMac Pro. But it is still not a confirmed feature and might not make it to the released version of the device.

Expected Release Date and Price

The base iMac Pro with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB  SSD is expected to have a starting price of $2000. This price is only an early estimate and the price could only get higher with a long list of rumored features.

The iMac Pro is expected to be launched in the early spring of 2022. So the launch might most likely take place in a spring event.

The brand new iMac pro will replace the present Intel-based 27 inched iMac which will be the end of one of the last Mac models that still use Intel processors.



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