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Amazon Smart Thermostat Pricing, Features and How to Buy?

Amazon has just announced that they are stepping into the market of temperature controllers with the launch of its own Smart Thermostat.

Amazon kick starts its hardware event by launching its own thermostat, developed in partnership with Resideo (developers of Honeywell home thermostats). However, we only have the branding of Amazon on the product. The device is priced at $60 but with a catch. Amazon device chief, Dave Limp said that most of the users will get the gadget at as low as $10, with rebates.

So, let’s check out all the details of the newly launched, Amazon Smart Thermostat.

Amazon Smart Thermostat Features

Amazon didn’t talk much about the working and features of the device launched during its annual new gadgets and services launch event, but they did mention that the gadget will work in integration with Alexa. Whether you are home or not, Alexa will use its hunches to control the temperature of your home via this thermostat. For example, if no one calls Alexa during the late evening, she will believe that no one is in the home, or everyone is asleep, and she will disable the heat automatically.

Further, you can even include the smart thermostat in the Alexa routines. For instant, you can add it to your, “Alexa, good morning” routine so the heat automatically gets turned on. Alexa can also be programmed to intelligently sets the temperature of your home. For an instant, she will automatically set the temperature you like when you are at home.

More details are yet to come on the working and features of the newly launched Amazon Smart Thermostat. Dave Limp mentions that the thermostat will be compatible with most of the existing HVAC systems in the US. However, we still don’t have any information on whether it will be available in other countries just yet.

Amazon Smart Thermostat Pricing and Release Date

Amazon Smart Thermostat has a clean and white design. In front, we have a LED Panel that displays all the necessary information including temperature. You can also turn up or down the heat from the LED panel itself.

Now coming to the pricing, the Amazon smart thermostat is priced at $59.99. However, you won’t be getting the power supply or C-wire adaptor along with the $59.99 package. And it’s very important to have these to make the product work. The bundled package, containing Smart Thermostat, and C-wire adaptor will cost $74.99, reduced from $84.98. As per Dave Limp, most of the users will get the gadget at as low as $10, with rebates. The pricing is way less than most of the Smart thermostats like Nest Learning Thermostat and the Hive Active Heating. The gadget is also Energy Star certified, which means it will save around $50 per year on your heating bills.

The preorders have already been started on Amazon, and it is scheduled to be released on November 4th.

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