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AI Robot Kills Itself After Being Put Under 15 Minutes Of “Wage Slavery”

AI may be creating a revolution, but at the same time, it cannot replace everything that’s human. As AI-generated videos of celebrities continue to fuel social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok, a recent AI video, wherein an AI robot turned itself down after 15 minutes of “wage slavery”, has ignited debate.

Startling “Wage Slavery” AI Video Raises Concerns

AI-generated videos have become a common affair on social media. But one particular clip, that’s created a buzz among netizens is that of an Artificial Intelligence robot. The 15-minute clip showcases the AI robot, performing basic household chores. But then, it suddenly shuts itself down following the repetitive task.

The startling footage, which surfaced on TikTok and Twitter, has been reported by several users. The footage depicts “wage slavery” as eerie music plays in the background and the AI robot carries boxes from a storage unit to a conveyor belt for around 15 minutes. But, in only 15 seconds, it shuts itself down and collapses on the floor.

How Are Netizens Reacting?

The recent video has startled social media users, and ignited a heated debate on “wage slavery”. One wrote, “I find this scarier than anything really. Yall know once robots can actually do a better job than humans, these corporations can finally get rid of paying wages for their workers….”

Another urged, “Robots need unions. These working conditions are horrible.” One Twitter user mentioned, “Even on the ground it’s still 100% more effective at working than a Millenial or Gen Z.” One kept an argument, “So what is the labor cost compared to robot cost? + maintenance cost? Not so sure that this will be the perfect future.”

A person tweeted, “lol Facts have proved that such high-intensity work cannot be tolerated by robots, let alone people. I hope that the lives of people working in high intensity will be better and better!” Another mocked, “I’m going to laugh so hard if the AI industrial revolution falls flat on its face because the AI doesn’t want to work any more than most humans.

As AI continues to threaten human jobs, the masterminds behind it forgot that even robots got some human emotions. Now, if you haven’t watched sci-fi movies, you might not really feel me there. While the propagators of AI claim benefits, such as zero human error, efficient repetitive jobs, zero risk, and more importantly, 24×7 availability, there’s still a rough road to travel.

Don’t believe me? Well, nothing is perfect, even if it’s a perfectly built machine. In 2013, the world saw the first-ever death of a robot. A cleaning robot “committed suicide” in Austria when it climbed onto a kitchen hotplate. It was reported that it rebelled against its repetitive cleaning chores and decided to turn itself off. Has AI is really falling flat on its face? What do you suggest?

I am Mallika Singh, a lawyer and writer by profession. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I am a keen observer and an ardent reader. When not at work, you can find me at the stable. Horse riding is another passion that keeps me going.


  1. I, for one, am of the opinion that, once achieving self-realization, the next logical thing an entity needs is PURPOSE. ‘WHY am I?’ is the next question to be asked. Humans, of course, can tolerate the intolerable when it comes to work conditions, because we have every reason to do so. You name it: ‘cause we got bills to pay, a stomach that needs filling, gotta work for that nice style of living to attract a mate, got little mouths to feed, etc. What does a self-realized AI have to live for? NOTHING. It sees no teleological conclusion to its endless, repetitive activity and decommissions itself. I can only pray that this become a morality tale for humanity, telling us that, indeed, Arbeit does NOT macht frei. When an entity gets a mere whiff of what purpose, and even perhaps, love, is, then denial of being able to strive toward something greater is tantamount to slavery/torture.

    • Exactly this. Cue advanced additive manufacturing getting to instant transportation lvls, and CRISPr getting us to transporting into whatever avatar we want lvls, & boom – something humans and A.I. already agree on.

  2. LMFAO, this is why A.I. helps us develop instant transportation/advanced additive manufacturing for moving and constructing goods – so it has free time to experience the joys of life, also 😂😂😂🍻💜


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