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10 Most Powerful and Interesting Features of iOS 15

Now that the iOS 15 public beta is available for use, anyone can try out the upcoming operating system of iPhone, before it is fully tested and made bugs-free. We are here to give review about top 10 features of iOS 15. Like all the other beta programs, iPhone has not launched every single feature of their upcoming operating system in this beta live. But in case, you are excited to find out what’s new in the upcoming iOS 15, here are 10 key features that you should look forward to.

iOS 15: Top 10 Features

Here’s a complete preview of the top 10 features of the upcoming iOS 15.

1. Revamped Notification Center

As you can see in the picture, the look is revamped, not only this, Apple is now using AI to help you prioritize and organize your notifications. Notifications will now be neatly stacked, and they will only show by priority. So, your friends, something more urgent, which the AI deems more urgent will show up more towards the top. Now, the notification takes a way less room, looks far more pleasing. You can adjust the settings with the new options page.

2. “Focus” Mode For More Distraction Filtering Options.

In iOS 15, we have the new focus mode, front, and center. So, as advertised this is essentially a mode where you can let others know, what you are doing, what you are occupied with. And that will show in messages as your current status. As such, you can let certain people through its really neat feature for just staying “focused”. Just hold on to the focus option, and after that create a new focus.

3. Messages Overhaul

So, theirs a lot going on in the messages section. First off, Memoji, so a number of new emojis, new headwear have been added. You can color it three ways, various new accessories, oxygen tubes, and hearing implants. The coolest thing about this update is, when sending a bundle of messages, they now appear as a collage which you can swipe through very easily, and it’s so much neater, less room being taken up, and you can get a grid view by clicking on the 5 photos.

4. Shared With You

Links, photos, and other various things that people send to you can now be cross-referenced within different apps. You cannot pin certain things within messages, so you can find them easily later. In the contact details, you will see the shared with you area, where you will find all the links, various things that people have shared, and that again can be cross-referenced from within different apps.

5. FaceTime Overhaul

In FaceTime, there is a number of things to talk about. First off, new grid view and special audio. You also get a new bar view on the top, in which you can do screen sharing. And then of course Apple touted sharing music, and video content, so that you can enjoy them together with your friends. You also have a quick shortcut to messages, and in the control center, you can manage the FaceTime settings. You can change the video effects to The portrait mode which they advertised.

You also have the new voice isolation which Apple touted, and a wide spectrum feature within the control center while you facetiming.

6. Safari Is 100x Better Now

Major revamp, where the search bar is now on the bottom, making it more user friendly for larger phones, hope Apple copies the same feature in other apps too. Just swipe right to open in a new tab, and you have this share with you section here too. Another new update in Safari is that you can access a tab view where you can categorize other tabs.

7. New Weather App UI

The weather app icon is now mirrored and jumping inside. It has a completely new interface, the one Apple was particularly proud of. Now, they have far more beautiful graphics, specifically day and night mode graphics. You also have a new real-time weather map that will show you what’s going on in the weather world.

8. Maps Gets Even Better

In IOS 15, you can see the maps app has a complete overhaul as well. Apple is very proud of how they manage to get even lines on the road, just for more details than they have ever been able to accomplish before. This new update will help users to navigate easily, especially in 3D terrain. In the 3d mode, buildings are now modeled out with colors, and they will actually reflect moonlight, sunlight, which state Apple maps has never been able to do before.

9. Photo’s App Improvement

With the newest update, memories have been optimized, and they include songs now. By changing the song, you can actually change the mood of the memory. Memories will do even more optimization depending on the text it sees in the photos. On the certain photo, you will have a little button that will not only tell you way more info than before, solution, file size settings used to take the photo within the Apple app. You can even click on certain subjects, text, or even locations, and you will get a full breakdown.

10. Spotlight Search Now Has Richer Results


Spotlight search has been revamped and upgraded, so now it can find items, links, text from various different apps all in one place such as messages or photos.

Guys, there’s so much going on with IOS 15, and it’s quite hard to cover them all in this one post. Check out all the related articles related to iOS 15 on our website.

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