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Multigenerational family novels

We’re Diving Into These Multigenerational Novels by South Asian Writers

Family, tradition and responsibility have always been major themes in South Asian culture. It is no wonder then that novelists have long been drawn...
Salman Rushdie's 'The Satanic Verses' was published in 1988

Looking Back at Salman Rushdie’s ‘The Satanic Verses,’ 30 Years Later

It has been 30 years since author Salman Rushdie first published “The Satanic Verses,” his highly controversial novel in which the author drew inspiration...
Indian banned books

Looking Back at Some of India’s Most Famous Banned Books

Question: What do ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ ‘The Moor's Last Sigh,’ and an acclaimed biography of Mahatma Gandhi all have in common?Answer: These books...
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Netflix to Adapt Salman Rushdie’s Novel ‘Midnight’s Children’ as a Series

Netflix has ordered an original series based on the book "Midnight’s Children" by renowned author Salman Rushdie. “Midnight’s Children is one of the great novels of...