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Pride and Prejudice 1995

Why South Asian Authors Continue to be Inspired by Jane Austen

Stories about family conflicts and social class have always been popular themes for South Asian authors.  It's no wonder then that Jane Austen and her...
Middle grade novels

Four Middle-Grade Novels by South Asian Authors to add to Your Shelf

One of the more pleasant and most needed changes in the publishing world in recent years has been the uptick of middle grade novels...
Tehreem Pasha-Jaffar

Why Pakistani Artist Tehreem Pasha-Jaffar Should be on Your Radar

Artist Tehreem Pasha-Jaffar is using classic Islamic art techniques and traditions to create her own style of art.“It all starts with a random quote,...
A computer

Pakistani-American Startup Inkrypt Aims to Combat Censorship

A group of Pakistani-American entrepreneurs at Harvard have created a way for regular citizens to avoid government censorship of the news.The new company Inkrypt...
documentary photographers to know

South Asian Documentary Photographers to Keep on Your Radar

Documentary photography has always been a vital art form, now more than ever. Here are some of the names from South Asia and the South...
krewlla, pakistan, coke studios

Krewella Heads to Pakistan for an Epic Coke Studio Collab

American EDM group Krewella headed to Pakistan to perform a memorable set for the beloved music show Coke Studio!Krewella is made up of sisters Jahan...
pakistan plans to plant billions of trees

Pakistan Wants to Plant 10 Billion Trees to Combat Global Warming

Like much of the rest of South Asia, Pakistan is uniquely vulnerable to the effects of climate change. To help combat rising temperatures and...
Annie Ali Khan

4 Must-Read Pieces by the Late Annie Ali Khan

Journalist and writer Annie Ali Khan died this weekend after a fire in her home in Karachi. A former model and a graduate of...
The Archbishop of Karachi will soon be appointed to cardinal by Pope Francis.

The Pope Will Soon Appoint Pakistan’s First Cardinal Since 1994

The Archbishop of Karachi will soon be appointed to Cardinal by Pope Francis.The Vatican announced last week that Archbishop Joseph Coutts will be...
LGBT rights in Pakistan

New Pakistani Transgender Bill Hailed as Historic Victory for Human Rights

LGBT activists around the world are praising the new Transgender Rights law that Pakistan’s Parliament passed last week.Titled the The Transgender Persons (Protection of...