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Pride and Prejudice 1995

Why South Asian Authors Continue to be Inspired by Jane Austen

Stories about family conflicts and social class have always been popular themes for South Asian authors.  It's no wonder then that Jane Austen and her...
Nik Dodani Murphy Brown

Nik Dodani to Pen the Film Script Based on Rakesh Satyal’s ‘Blue Boy’

Actor and comedian Nik Dodani, who currently stars in the "Murphy Brown" revival on CBS, is writing the script based on Rakesh Satyal's 2009 award-winning debut...
Middle grade novels

Four Middle-Grade Novels by South Asian Authors to add to Your Shelf

One of the more pleasant and most needed changes in the publishing world in recent years has been the uptick of middle grade novels...
South Asian Ghost Stories

Dive into These South Asian Ghost Stories this Halloween Season

Halloween is fast approaching, which means that now is the perfect time to begin exploring some of the many ghost and horror stories written...
Salman Rushdie's 'The Satanic Verses' was published in 1988

Looking Back at Salman Rushdie’s ‘The Satanic Verses,’ 30 Years Later

It has been 30 years since author Salman Rushdie first published “The Satanic Verses,” his highly controversial novel in which the author drew inspiration...
We're reading these books in October.

We’re Putting These new Releases on our October Reading List

With fall in full swing, it’s fitting that October is filled with new books that you can curl up with (along with some chai)...
Indian banned books

Looking Back at Some of India’s Most Famous Banned Books

Question: What do ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ ‘The Moor's Last Sigh,’ and an acclaimed biography of Mahatma Gandhi all have in common?Answer: These books...

Author Anita Felicelli on her new Book and the Power of the Short Story

For the characters in Anita Felicelli's upcoming book "Love Songs For a Lost Continent," finding one's place in the world is often a years-long...
Meera Lee Patel's new book 'Made Out of Stars'

Artist Meera Lee Patel Wants To Help you be Your Best Self

“Nothing is missing. You are already whole,” reads one of the first illustrations in “Made Out of Stars,” the new journal by artist Meera...
Become a bookseller in the Maldives.

Job Searching? A Maldives Resort is Hiring a Bookseller

Imagine living on one of the most beautiful beaches in South Asia while also helming a cute bookstore. A luxury resort in the Maldives...