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What Argentina Needs to Qualify for FIFA World Cup Round of 16? All Possible Outcomes

Argentina is competing in Group C in the FIFA World Cup 2022 with other nations like Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland. Their first match was not just shocking, but also disappointing with a 2-1 loss against Saudi Arabia. The third match of the group will be a decider with each team still having a chance to qualify for the round of 16.

In this article, we will look at all the possible scenarios for Argentina to qualify for FIFA World Cup 2022 Round of 16.

Group C Scenario in FIFA World Cup 2022

How Argentina Can Qualify from Group C in FIFA World Cup 2022?
How Argentina Can Qualify from Group C in FIFA World Cup 2022?

In Group C, Argentina is in the second spot just one point behind group leader Poland. Poland has grabbed 1 draw against Mexico and 1 win against Saudi Arabia. Robert Lewandowski and his men are leading the group with 4 points in two games.

On the other hand, Messi leading Argentina is in the second spot with 1 loss and 1 win. They have bagged 3 points in two games.

How Argentina can qualify for the next round of the FIFA World Cup 2022?

Here are all possible scenarios for Argentina to Qualify for the Round of 16.

What Happens if Argentina Wins?

If Argentina Wins against Poland, they will automatically qualify for the Round of 16.

The other team to qualify from the group can still be Poland, Mexico or Saudi Arabia depending upon what happens in Mexico vs Saudi Arabia game.

What Happens if Argentina Draws Against Poland?

If Argentina vs Poland match ends in a draw, then Argentina will end up with 4 Points. Poland will qualify directly with 5 points.

In this case, Argentina will qualify only if Mexico and Saudi Arabia Match end in a draw. However, they will end up second in the group meaning they will have to face France in the Round of 16 (Assuming France tops in their group).

What Happens if Argentina Loses Against Poland?

If Argentina loses against Poland, they will be eliminated directly. Poland will finish the group first with 7 points.

Mexico or Saudi Arabia will be the second team to qualify. Mexico will need a win while Saudi Arabia will qualify even with a draw.

No matter what happens, the goal difference can play a major role in Group C. If two teams have the same goal difference with the same points, Head to head difference becomes vital for qualifying for the next round of the tournament.

Note that both matches will be played at the same time to ensure fair play.

Argentina’s Win Against Mexico

Argentina was brilliant against Mexico with a 2-0 win as Messi grabbed a goal with a spectacular long-range shot in the 64th minute of the game. In the end, Enzo Fernandez wrapped up the game in the 87th minute with his first World Cup goal.

Messi Magic for One Last Time

How Argentina Can Qualify from Group C in FIFA World Cup 2022?
How Argentina Can Qualify from Group C in FIFA World Cup 2022?

Despite having a slow start against Saudi, Argentina is considered to be one of the favorites to win the World Cup. This is the fifth time Messi is featuring in the World Cup along with his long-time rival Cristiano Ronaldo.

Qatar World Cup may become Messi’s last time featuring in any World Cup. He wants to give his all on the field to hold the World Cup with Argentina for the first time in his career.

Messi has already scored two goals in two games in the tournament for Argentina. He is expected to score against Poland as well.

Robert Lewandowski and His Brilliant Form

On paper, Argentina is a stronger team in comparison to Poland. But the captain of Poland’s squad, Robert Lewandowski is the primary threat to the Argentine defense.

The Barcelona striker has scored just one goal in two games of the tournament. But Lewandowski is the top scorer in La Liga with 13 goals under his name. He has the capability of turning the game at any moment.

History of Argentina vs. Poland in Football

How Argentina Can Qualify from Group C in FIFA World Cup 2022?
How Argentina Can Qualify from Group C in FIFA World Cup 2022?

In the history of Football, Argentina vs. Poland happened 11 times. Argentina has mostly come out victorious against Poland with 6 wins. Whereas Poland ended the game with wins 3 times. But the result between these two teams ended with draws just two times.

Argentina faced Poland twice in World Cup history where both national teams grabbed one win respectively.

On the 30th of November’s game of Argentina vs. Poland, the match will have a tight result. It will be a face-off between two superstars, Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski. It may probably be the last World Cup of both Footballing superstars as well.

Even though, Argentina is having difficulties with scoring goals. But they have not used Paulo Dybala yet. The Roma striker is injured and may feature in the last game of the Group Stages. His return will add more firepower to Argentina’s attack.

Both Messi and Lewandowski are expected to score goals. But there is a high probability that this game may end up in Argentina’s favor. But a draw result can also be a possible outcome if Messi misfires.

How to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022?

FIFA World Cup 2022 will be broadcast live on FOX Sports in the U.S.A. The live stream is available on Peacock, Fubo, SlingTV, and Vidgo apps.

In simple manner, a draw will be enough for the Argentina squad to move to the next round. The game will commence at Stadium 974 in Doha.



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