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Sergio Aguero Announces Retirement from Football

It’s a sad week for football fans around the world as the Argentine hitman Sergio Aguero has announced his withdrawal from the game. The former Manchester City man joined Barcelona this season but as luck would have it he too cannot feature for them.

Lionel Messi’s departure was heartbreaking for Aguero as the prospect of combining with Messi was what pulled him to Barcelona. Aguero still wanted to play an important role for Barcelona.

However, his health issues came in the way and the Argentine has finally made the decision to hang up his boots.

Aguero has been diagnosed with a heart condition 

Aguero was in good health when he arrived from Manchester City. Although early in his Barcelona career the player suffered through an injury. He did come back and made his mark on the biggest fixture in the world by scoring for Barcelona in the Classico.

It felt as he and Memphis would provide leadership for the team. But then it all went sideways. In a match against Alaves, the striker felt dizziness and heart pain during the game.

He was then subbed off and went for a diagnosis. Post that he was taken to the hospital for tests. The results showed a heart condition for the Argentine and his doctors recommended that he should quit professional football.

It would have been a very tough decision for Aguero because he really did love scoring goals. That was his main reason for leaving Manchester City, he wasn’t getting enough game time.

Aguero has the fastest minutes to goals ratio in the Premier League and one could only imagine what he would have done alongside Lionel Messi. But now these are just things to be added to the list of what could have been.

An emotional goodbye for King Kun

For any professional player, the decision to stop playing is always a tough one. For Aguero, it would have been even more difficult because he still had a good 2-3 years left in him. However, health comes first and the players have every right to take a decision in their own interest.

This was his statement in the press release for the news. “It is a very difficult moment. The decision I have made I have taken for my health, that is the main reason, because of the problem that I had a month-and-a-half ago.

So I made that decision about a week ago and I want to tell everyone I did everything possible to have hope, but there wasn’t very much.”

Pep Guardiola was the first one to thank the Striker for his services at Manchester City. Aguero had a stellar career and has five Premier League titles, six League Cup trophies and an FA Cup in his trophy cabinet.

Sergio Aguero’s name will always be embarked among the legends of Manchester City. His title winning goal will always be a fresh memory and a source of inspiration for all young players at the club.

It was a true treat to watch a player like him. This might not be the last time we hear his name though. If he wants to he can enter into the management aspect of the game and someone like him could make a good manager.



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