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List of Top 10 Richest Clubs in Football

With the start of the new year, Transfer festivities have begun as clubs look to boost their teams.

The mid-season window opened up on the 1st of January and clubs will be allowed to pursue deals till the end of this month. It is a crucial period for clubs as they look for pieces that can fill the gaps in their squads.

Many times a good mid-season signing can turn out to be the difference in a club’s pursuit of glory. As always some major clubs are connected to certain big-name players and rumors are flying around here and there.

There are some clubs whose names you will most definitely hear in almost any transfer window. The reason is that these clubs have a history and a tendency of splashing money on talent.

They have to do so as they have to maintain a certain level of standard in terms of performance because that’s what is expected from the giants of the game. But who are these giants?

Top 10 Richest Clubs in football

So, here’s the list of the top 10 richest clubs in Football.

1) Barcelona (Value in $ Millions – 4,760,   Revenue – $792 Mn ) 

Surprised? so were we. Although the club is going through a financial struggle Barcelona still ranks as the most valuable club in the world. Their success over the years has boosted the club’s inherent value and it feels as if they are slowly rising out of their debt pit.

The club has also proceeded with their first signing in form of Ferran Torres. However, they still have a long way as to go as their finances are still in turmoil and the clubs need to build back their image in the market.

2) Real Madrid (Value in $ Millions – 4,750,   Revenue – $790 Mn )

Real Madrid has always been one of the top clubs in the game. The Galacticos are known for their star power and over the years have earned a reputation for themselves. As of now, Madrid is in contention to win the La Liga yet again.

The club is also looking to complete the signing of Kylian Mbappe, one of the leaders of the younger generation. If they can win the La Liga this season they might overtake Barcelona and become the most valuable club in the world.

3) Bayern Munich (Value in $ Millions – 4,215,  Revenue – $703 Mn )

Up at number 3, we have the German giants Bayern Munich. Bayern has almost had an uncontested claim on the Bundesliga title and has only missed out 2 times in the last decade.

The Bavarians tend to pick up the best talent from the Bundesliga itself and it seems like they’re following their policy after the signings of Upamecano and Sabitzer this season.

4) Manchester United (Value in $ Millions- 4,200, Revenue – $643 Mn)

At 4th we have the Red Devils. Although United hasn’t had much success after Sir Alex’s departure, the club is still one of the biggest names in football. That is also the reason there is so much pressure on the players as they are expected to play like Champions.

As of now, the current United team looks disoriented but they still have hopes in the Champions League. A trophy this season is the only thing that can unite the squad and give them some motivation.

5) Liverpool (Value in $ Millions- 4,100, Revenue – $619 Mn)

Up next we have United’s biggest rival Liverpool. Liverpool has turned a new leaf under Jurgen Klopp and is now one of the strongest teams in the Premier League.

Liverpool finally broke their PL drought and under the leadership of Klopp, they even managed to win a Champions League title. The German has developed a core that ought to keep Liverpool in the top 10 clubs in the world for another 5 years at least.

6) Manchester City (Value in $ Millions- 4,000, Revenue – $609 Mn)

Manchester City is up next securing the 6th position in the rankings. They are the 3rd English team in the rankings which shows that big money is Invested in football in England.

Manchester City came into the picture from 2003-04 when there was heavy foreign Investment in the club. Now under Pep Guardiola’s leadership City has become the best team in the Premier League. This season they will fight for it all and will be tough opposition for any team.

7) Chelsea (Value in $ Millions- 3,200, Revenue – $520 Mn)

Chelsea jumped into the picture alongside Manchester City as Roman Abramovich came over to take ownership of the club. Since then the Russian Businessman has poured a lot of money into the club.

Combine that with Chelsea’s brilliant Youth system, the future is bright for the Blues. Chelsea is the defending Champions in the Champions League. While a PL title challenge is out of the question now Thomas Tuchel would want to add another trophy to his managerial career with the Blues.

8) Arsenal (Value in $ Millions- 2800, Revenue – $430 Mn)

The Gunners are at the 8th spot on the list. Over the years Arsene Wenger kept the club in the top 4 of the Premier League. They even had the Invincible run when the team went unbeaten for an entire season.

But post that period Arsenal haven’t been able to get their hands on a major trophy. Although they are a regular customer in the top 4 of the Premier League and also have won Domestic English cups over the years. Mikel Arteta has built a solid foundation and now that the club is debt-free, the ceiling is very high for Arsenal’s future.

9) PSG (Value in $ Millions- 2500, Revenue – $599 Mn)

Paris Saint Germain has had the same dominance in Ligue 1 which Bayern Munich has in the Bundesliga. Almost every year they are the winners of the Ligue 1. It is the Champions League that they’re eyeing.

After the sensational signing of Lionel Messi PSG’s net value is bound to go up and they might move up a couple of places in next year’s rankings. If Messi can lead them to a Champions League trophy it would be a first for the French club.

10) Tottenham Hotspurs (Value in $ Millions- 2300, Revenue – $494 Mn)

Tottenham Hotspurs are the 5th English team in the top 10 rankings. The reason for this may be the dependence of the English economy on football, a lot of businesses arise out of the game.

Spurs have been one of the clubs who have been consistently there in the top 6 of the Premier League. They were close to winning the Premier League few seasons ago.

They even made it to the finals of the Champions League but could not get the best of Liverpool. The goal for Tottenham would be to get their hands on a trophy as fast as they can.




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