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KSI’s Win Over Joe Fournier Overturned to ‘No Decision’ Due to Accidental Elbow Strike

The result of the recent boxing match between KSI and Joe Fournier has been overturned. KSI, who won the exhibition bout against his influencer opponent, is no longer the winner as the match has been overturned to a ‘No Decision’.

The Professional Boxing Association has announced that KSI finished the bout with an accidental forearm/elbow blow instead of a legal punch. Fournier, 40, had earlier appealed against the knockout verdict.

KSI’s Win Over Joe Fournier Overturned

The Misfits Boxing 7 match took place last Saturday at Wembley Arena, in London. KSI, 29, was declared the winner of the bout after he knocked out his opponent. However, PBA released an official statement on May 19th, overturning the decision.

“After a thorough review of the evidence and representations, along with the assistance of Mr Micky Vann (the Supervisor in charge) and an eminent Barrister (Mr Gul Nawaz Hussain KC of 33 Bedford Row Chambers, London) where necessary, Mr Morris came to an independent decision.”

“Even though KSI was winning the fight, the blow with the forearm/elbow has been found to be accidental and the obvious disappointment that will follow, it has been decided that the contest is declared a No Decision in accordance with the Rules.”

“The PBA has conducted the review properly, fairly and with legal assistance throughout as the bout was sanctioned and regulated under the unified rules of boxing. We have ensured that this process was conducted swiftly and fairly to uphold the integrity of boxing,” read the statement.

Fournier had Earlier Appealed Against the Decision

During the final moments of the match, KSI landed his elbow on Fournier and knocked him out. The referee could not see through the moment and declared KSI as the winner. However, multiple replays showed what had actually transpired.

Fournier then took to social media to express his frustration and announced that he will appeal against the decision. “I knew fighting the promoter there would be every angle in his favor but to call this a KO instead of a disqualification after an intentional elbow is disgusting!!!” the influencer turned boxer wrote shortly after the match.

“We will be appealing this decision Monday and I hope both [KSI and Misfits Boxing and Professional Boxing Association] do the right thing and show their integrity to the sport of boxing!!” Sharing a shot of the elbow blow, he wrote, “That’s an Elbow not a PUNCH.”

KSI Admitted His Win Was Tarnished

After the match, KSI also took to social media and admitted that his win was tarnished. “I worked very hard for this fight and had an intense and grueling camp. There’s no better feeling than being in that ring and having my hand raised in front of my loyal and amazing fans who I appreciate so much,” the English Youtuber wrote on May 14th.

“Unfortunately the victory, which was inevitable no matter what is tarnished and I hate that. It sucks! I’m gutted that it’s not as clean a win as I wanted and it feels like it diminishes my hard work with my trainers. Either way, I hope you enjoyed the show and appreciate the support. Sorry to all the fans disappointed with it,” he added.

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