8 Fashionistas You Must Follow

October 12, 2020 Nila Choudhury     KissMeImNila

Brown girls are on the rise in the fashion world and there are quite a few fabulous fashion bloggers out there that you absolutely must follow. These powerhouses have your back for styling and beauty hacks, how to look high fashion on a budget, how to fall in love with desi fashion, life tips, and so much more!

Check out our choice of fashionistas you need to follow ASAP

1. Zunera Mazhar

Zunera Mazhar is the queen of multi-tasking, this stunning former pageant queen is a corporate professional, one of Washington D.C’s top fashion bloggers, a mom, and a wife. Mazhar has a very feminine style that is elegant and sophisticated. As a corporate professional she also blogs tips on how to put together effortless looks for the office.

Not only does she look like a goddess, she teaches us mortals how to dress like a goddess even though we’re on a budget. Click here to follow now!

2. Walk in Winter Wonderland

Her dream was to have a closet as grand as the magical world of Alice in Wonderland, thus Sheryl Luke named her fashion blog “Walk in Wonderland.” The fashionista started her blog in 2010 and went full-time in 2013.

Luke has something for everyone, “I love exploring all styles, but I’m mostly in edgy, chic outfits and every now and then, I like to dress preppy, glamorous or grungy,” she explains on her blog. “I live in the moment and that is reflected in my style.”

Click here to follow now!

3. Social + Style

Product Manager Kamana started her first blog, The Kamana Project as a way to express her love for South Asian projects. Her love for blogging led her to launch Social and Style, which she hopes will provide “a collaborative community for South Asian women to share their opinions, experiences, and tips related to South Asian fashion and lifestyle.”

Kamana provides everything from product reviews and styling tips to lifestyle advice. Click here to follow now!

4. Isha’s verdict

Isha takes on Western fashion, Indian fashion, reviews fashion in Bollywood films and even interior design. Isha uses her blog to express her opinions on, not just western fashion, but South Asian fashion and the fusion of the two. She’s has lived in Los Angeles, Mumbai, and London, all fashion hubs of the world.

She blends fashion styles of both cultures and even takes on some interesting fashion risks that make Isha a unique blogger to follow. Click here to follow now!

5. Miss Minus Sized

Miss Minus Sized will have you looking fabulous on a budget! This fashion blogger hunts out the best deals for her readers and teaches them how to stay fashion forward while remaining within budget every month. Sushmita Gururaj is a biomedical science doctoral student who is currently living in Buffalo, NY but originally hails from Banglore, India.

Her blog has both low-budget and high-style outfits. It also provides health and wellness tips along with mood boards to draw inspiration from. Click here to follow now!

6. The Nikki Standard

Nikki created the Nikki Standard as a public platform for her to share fashion advice with personality. Her blog is a sassy twist on fashion filled with a side of sarcasm when needed. It’s a fun space where Nikki can share her knowledge regarding the fashion industry through tips on styling trendy pieces, the must-have products of the moment, and even some helpful at-home fixes.

She keeps her originality in tack in a sea of high fashion bloggers and encourages her readers to take a risk and be unique in their own way. Click here to follow now!

7. Picture Payal

Finally ☀️

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Payal is a South Asian life and style blogger who loves to travel. Payal blogs about everything from beauty tips to ice cream sandwich recipes. She includes articles about her travels, like her fabulous honeymoon and brilliant ways to create an outfit for any occasion while staying on a low budget.

You won’t be breaking the bank trying to look as awesome as Payal. Click here to follow now!

8. The Sandy Lion

Sandy is an elementary school teacher with a passion for fashion! The gorgeous young Canadian not only blogs She also makes videos, models, and styles her friends often. On her Instagram, she even posts videos on how to style the same outfit in different ways.

Sandy encourages her followers to try everything when it comes to fashion as she debunks the idea “that only looks good on you” by having her friends wear her own outfits and showing the readers that no matter what shape or size, everyone can look fabulous. Click here to follow now!

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