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Why is Jussie Smollett Released from Jail after Serving 6 Days?

Jussie Smollett is released on a bail bond of $150,000. The former Empire star was imprisoned for 150 days for staging a hate crime hoax against himself. Now, he is released after serving only six days at the Cook Country Jail. So why did this happen?


Reason for release

Jussie has to sign a $150,000 recognizance bond before his release as per the recent court order. His defence team stated that Smollett has become a target of the racial justice system. Jussie’s lawyer, Nenye Uche said:

“We’ve been complaining about the disparate treatment of African Americans in the judicial system regardless of what you think about this case. Some people might think Mr Smollett is guilty. I disagree. But a real question is should Black men be locked into jail for a class four felony. Shame on you if you think they should. That’s a disgrace. It’s wrong.”

A major reason for Jussie’s release after serving just six days in prison is majorly the nature of the crime. Jussie’s legal team had argued that the nature of crime is non-violent, low-level. Therefore, his imprisonment is excessive in comparison to the act.

The court granted him bail for one more ground. The lawyers argued that his health and safety will be compromised if he stays in prison. Moreover, the previous prosecutor had dropped charges against him in 2019. These grounds worked in Jussie’s favour and he was granted bail.

Now, Jussie’s legal team is filing an appeal on his case. However, the appellate court states that the order may not be completed until after the duration of his sentence so he could be granted a “stay order” on his imprisonment.

What was Jussie’s sentence?

Reliable sources state that the 39-year-old actor lied to the Chicago police about a homophobic attack in an attempt to boost his ailing career.  Let’s get to know who Jussie Smollett is. Jussie Smollett was given a sentence of 150 days in prison for staging a fake hate crime against himself in 2019. The sentence included:

  • 150 days in prison in the Cook County Jail
  • $120,196 restitution to the city of Chicago
  • Maximum $25,000 fine
  • 30 days of felony probation (excluding the 150 days in prison)

The judge had previously denied a motion to reconsider Jussie Smollett’s sentence. However, now he was seen walking out of the jail and moving into an SUV. FYI, in case Jussie loses the appeal, he will have to serve an imprisonment of 150 days along.

Jussie had stopped eating food in the prison and was surviving solely on ice water. He portrays a very different life on his social media. He posts inspirational messages and speaks for rights.

Jussie’s act of faking a hate crime has been condemned by everyone. His lawyers are confident that they will win the appeal. What do you think about the appeals court’s order? Share your thoughts with me.



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