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Who was C.W. McCall? Convoy Singer Dies at 93

The singer who is skilled in outlaw country music is no longer with us.

You may have heard the song ‘Convoy’ or the other, ‘Wolf Creek Pass,’ or that one, ‘Old Home Filler-Up an’ Keep on A-Truckin’ Cafe’ don’t these songs give you a nostalgic feeling, right?

However, we regret to inform you that you will no longer be able to listen to songs like this. Because the singer of these songs, William Dale Fries Jr, better known by his stage name C. W. McCall, passed away on April 1, 2022, stated his son.

According to reports, McCall died at his home after a long battle with cancer.

Continue reading to learn more about his achievements and the tributes that celebrities and fans paid to him.

C.W. McCall Achieved Several Things In His Life

As you may be aware, he has a no. 1 hit song called ‘Convoy,’ which first became popular in the United States and then spread around the globe.

The RIAA awarded this song a gold disc in December 1975, presumably because it had sold over 2 million copies. McCall, on the other hand, has a variety of hit songs and does not have a specific hit song.

However, after his song Convoy became a smash, it became his signature song and the one through which the majority of people learned about him.

A dozen McCall songs debuted on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles list, while several of his other tracks, such as “Wolf Creek Pass,” made No. 40 on the US pop top 40 in 1975.

In 1978, a movie was created based on his song convoy, which featured a slightly different updated version of the song.

Sam Peckinpah directed the film, which featured Kris Kristofferson, Ali MacGraw, Burt Young, and Ernest Borgnine. McCall also recorded a number of albums between the years 1975 and 1979.

His democratic song “Kidnap America” was released in 1980 amid the Iran hostage crisis, while his other soundtrack, “Pine Tar Wars,” portrayed an event that actually occurred in the New York Yankees’ Kansas City Royals.

It may come as a shock to learn that McCall served as mayor of Ouray, Colorado for six years in a row.

If you’ve played Grand Theft Auto V, you’ve probably heard McCall’s song “Convoy” while driving a car or gazing at girls at clubs.

Fans And Friends Bid Farewell To C.W. McCall

The Drew and Mike Show, a comedy show that broadcast from 1991 to 2013, spoke with McCall before he passed away, and it was McCall’s final interview.

The Drew and Mike Show’s tweets pay tribute to McCall’s tragic death, expressing how great it was to talk with him and how shocking it was that it was his last interview; along with wishing his family and friends greater strength.

“C.W. McCall, ‘Convoy’ Country Singer, Dead at 93 – What a BONUS it was to speak to C.W. Before he passed…and just ludicrous that we would be his final interview.

The best to his family and friends. RIP CW McCall. Is it possible that God needed….Nah….”

His record, Black Bear Road, was the first she ever purchased on her own, far back in the mid-1970s, and that album included the Convoy track, according to the tweet of a fan.

“Bill Fries, who performed as C.W. McCall passed away yesterday. His album, Black Bear Road was the first I ever purchased on my own, way back in the mid-’70s.

That album had “Convoy” as one of the tracks. #CWMcCall #RIP”

Another user expressed his sadness at McCall’s death, saying that he enjoyed chatting on CB radios, and thanked McCall for his contributions to the CB radios.

“Very sad to hear C W McCall ( Convoy) had passed away aged 93. Didn’t we all just love chatting on our CB Radios. Thanks, CW for your contribution to CB radio. R I P.”

Have you heard any of McCalls’ songs? Was he one of your favorite artists? Don’t forget to tell us about any of his favorite songs in the comments area below.

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