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Who Was Ali Spice And What’s The Cause Of Her Death?

Famous TikTok star, Ali Spice passed away at the age of 21. The news of her death was confirmed by her friends on social media Monday (Dec. 12), leaving her friends saddened and shocked. The Hooters employee had over 200,000 TikTok followers and was also active on Instagram and Twitch. Read on to know more about this TikTok star and the cause of her death.

Who Was Ali Spice?

Ali Spice, whose real name was Ali Dulin, went by the username Ali Spice, @alidspicexo on Instagram and @alidxo on TikTok, passed away on Sunday (December 11). She was born in Georgia and was known for her dancing and lip-sync videos. Her content also featured her daily life as a Hooters waitress.

The Hooters employee boasted a huge following of over 200,000 fans on TikTok, and also had a similar following on Twitch and Instagram. The news of her early demise was confirmed by her friends on Monday (Dec. 12, 2002).

How Did Ali Spice Die?

Ali’s death was confirmed by her friend, Ariane Avandi, in an Instagram post: “Heartbroken doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel right now…Ali you are one of the most vibrant, beautiful inside & out, genuine, loving souls I’ve had the privilege of knowing. You are an amazing friend and an incredibly talented and passionate woman. I will never forget the impact you made on my life and everyone’s for just being YOU!!”

It has been reported that Ali Spice, whose real name was Ali Dulin, died in a car accident on Sunday (Dec. 12). It came out that she passed away later that day after suffering severe injuries from the accident. One fan revealed that she was killed by a drunk driver in a road accident.

Some sources reveal that her boyfriend was along with her, and is in critical condition. Reports also suggest that two of her friends also died in the crash. Her fans and friends immediately took to social media to express their grief about the star.

Her death came as a shock for internet celebrities as Ali recently celebrated her 21st birthday. Social media users expressed their grief by calling her an “inspiration” and “sweetest soul”. One fan tweeted, “Ali spice on TikTok passed away due to a drunk driver so sad she was only 21 and full of light & positivity so heartbreaking.”

Another wrote, “Ali spice from TikTok was killed by a drunk driver last night I’m devastated. Her boyfriend is in critical condition, and two of her friends who were in the car have also died. Stop driving drunk. It’s not fair.” One wrote, “Ali Spice passed away last night and I’m just so sad, she was one of my favorite TikTok gals and she was only 21.”

One person expressed, “Ali Spice died and my heart is heavy, her career was just starting.”

Another friend of Ali, Laine Farrell, wrote: “Can’t believe this honestly. we shared the same hooter birthday, both Scorpios who are obsessed with hello kitty, pink, and cats. you JUST turned 21. Life is crazy.”

Ali’s mother also paid tribute to her daughter by posting a series of photos of her.

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