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Who is Salvador Ramos? The 18-Year-Old Shooter Who Killed 19 Children at Texas Elementary School

“I got a Lil secret I wanna tell u, I am about to….”, was a part of a message sent by Salvador Ramos, a monstrous 18-year-old Ulvade High School student, who reportedly shot his grandmother and then conducted a mass shooting. So who is this monstrous mind, guilty of shooting and killing 18 students at the Texas Elementary School? Read on to learn more.

Who is Salvador Ramos?

The Texas mass shooter who killed at least 19 students and two adults at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday is identified as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos. He was born in North Dakota. He was a student at Uvalde High School before finding work at Wendy’s. He lived in the small city 130 km (80 miles) west of San Antonio.

Sen Roland Gutierrez, who was briefed by police told reporters that Ramos had hinted on social media that “an attack could be coming”. Salvador also suggested the “kids should watch out”. He reportedly shot his grandmother before driving to Robb Elementary, just before midday yesterday.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said that Salvador Ramos was killed by police after the shooting. His grandmother is in critical condition as stated by the Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt Erick Estrada.

What was Salvador’s Motive?

Ramos who was wearing body armour crashed his car outside the school before going inside, Sgt. Erick Estrada of the Texas Department of Public Safety told CNN. It appears that he was aware of his action and everything was preplanned.

Ramos had hinted on social media that an attack could be coming, state Sen Roland Gutierrez, who was briefed by police, told reporters. “He suggested the kids should watch out. A Los Angeles-based woman claimed that Ramos messaged her on May 12, tagging her in a photo of the guns. Here is the conversation:

‘You gonna repost my gun pics,’ @sal8dor_ direct messaged her.

‘what your guns gotta do with me,’ she replied on Friday.

‘Just wanted to tag you,’ he said back.

Then at 5:43 am on Tuesday, @salv8dor_ messaged her and said: ‘I’m about to’.

The girl asked ‘about to what’ to which he answered: ‘I’ll tell you before 11.’

Ramos said that he’d text her in an hour and urged her to respond.

‘I got a lil secret I wanna tell u,’ he messaged with a smiley face emoji covering its mouth.

‘Be grateful I tagged you,’ he wrote.

She replied: ‘No it’s just scary,’ adding: ‘I barely know you and you tag me in a picture with some guns?’ His last message at 9:16 am on Tuesday was ‘Ima air out’.

The shooting started around 11:32 am. This woman stated that she had never known Ramos and reacted with horror when she learnt what he had done. She said, “He’s a stranger I know nothing about him he decided to tag me in his gun post. ‘I’m so sorry for the victims and their families I really don’t know what to say.”

She added “The only reason I responded to him was that I was afraid of him I wish I stayed awake to at least try to convince him to not commit his crime. I didn’t know.” When an Instagram user asked if she was his girlfriend, she replied, “I don’t know him and I don’t even live in Texas.”

Bottom Line

Under a new Texan law passed in September, those aged 18-21 could buy guns if they had a protective order, because they were at risk of family violence, stalking, prostitution or sex trafficking. The law also removed the requirement for a permit for a handgun. Rifles were already permitted in Texas without licenses.

The culprit may be dead but where does it leave us from here on? Many studies reflect that nearly one-third of the world’s public mass shootings between 1966 and 2012 (90 of 292 incidents) occurred in the United States. The Washington Post records 163 mass shootings in the United States between 1967 and June 2019.

Gun Violence Archive, frequently cited by the press, defines a mass shooting as firearm violence resulting in at least four people being shot at roughly the same time and location, excluding the perpetrator. Using this definition, there have been 2,128 mass shootings since 2013, roughly one per day. 

Ramos’s social media was full of photos of his new guns, which he bought on his 18th birthday. Not just this, Ramos had bought the guns he used in the shooting legally when he turned 18. What if the unnamed girl reported him after the said incident? Why was he never suspected? Could this tragedy be avoided? There are the questions we ask the authorities and the government at large!

FYI, The United States has had more mass shootings than any other country. Shooters generally either die by suicide afterwards or are restrained or killed by law enforcement officers or civilians. Mass shootings accounted for under 0.2% of homicides in the U.S. between 2000 and 2016. Yesterday, many innocent kids were killed.

Do we need to figure out Ramos’ motive behind what took place yesterday? There is no justification for his actions. He wasn’t a person with an unsound mind. Ramos just enjoyed taking innocent lives. Our heart goes out to the victims and their families. What do you think? Will there be a change in gun laws ever? Will we see bright days ahead? What do you think?

I am Mallika Singh, a lawyer and writer by profession. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I am a keen observer and an ardent reader. When not at work, you can find me at the stable. Horse riding is another passion that keeps me going.


  1. Mallika Singh. It was not a gun that flew into the school and shit those precious lives! We need to figure out what has happened to our country, to our families, to parents who put their own needs and wants instead of being parents to their children.

  2. It’s not the guns that are a problem. It’s the fact that laws that are passed to protect the child from “so called” abuse has been walking a thin line. One side of that line is that some children are being saved from terrible parents or guardians. The other side of that line is people who have terrible kids, because their parents never disciplined them because of laws. We used to put our kids and or teenagers in their place as the elders, but somewhere in there we let ppl tell us what to do with our kids and now they are the ones running things with no real guidance.
    Everyone wants to look at everything but the actual elephant. Train your children again, teach them again, that’s what America is missing. We are all too busy on TikTok and Netflix to take control of life again, so we are losing people everyday because of it. I’m closing if our government is not working, we all have a right to diminish and start over, but we all know they would blow this country up before they let the people have it back.

  3. Yeah but what are y’all doing about it Governor Abbott is talking about it right now as we speak we haven’t heard nothing about the protection of our children this is bulshit already

  4. The makers of video games promote gun violence by mass shootings. Hollywood movies are filled with violence and cursing. Then we wonder where the people get their ideas from. The more we take God out of the lives of our children the more the devil walks in.

  5. We train our military to shoot and kill with video games…. many same shooter scenarios as civilian games. DOD understands the brain washing effect these games have when are you parents gonna learn to control the garbage society shoves down ur kids throats. Want to ban something ban Hollywood and internet. Take ur kid to church even if don’t believe…. it instills values they likely don’t get at home. All of you know what the problem is but don’t want the electronic censorship that would protect our kids…. shame on you !!!

  6. You can tell you are a lawyer first.
    Yes, of course NOTHING can EVER justify taking away these lives.
    BUT I am unsure that you have the qualifications and the background to state he had a sound mind.
    Most of the time mentally stable people don’t go off on a shooting-spree.
    So, yes, I DO think it is extremely important to start figuring out the motives.
    The root causes, if you will.
    Because otherwise, we are spinning our wheels.

    • Well, let me clarify something here. It’s a tragedy and no country deserves it. When I say he wasn’t of unsound mind, I mean that he was aware of his actions and nothing can justify the monstrous act. Do I need a qualification to deduce that? It’s about how you interpret something that a writer delivers. Countries with stricter Firearm laws don’t face such issues, well they’re still in a better place, if not worst. Yes, they happen in the form of terrorism but not by some 18-year-old who gets up in the morning, shoots his grandma and goes on taking innocent lives. The girl with whom he was chatting on Instagram should have reported. He was openly declaring and that’s where we already failed as citizens! So yea, unsound mind or no unsound mind, the monster did what he wanted! He was completely aware of what he was about to do. Read his Instagram messages? Did you, eh?


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