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Who is Patricia Kopta? Missing Pittsburgh Woman Found Alive After 30 Years

Patricia Kopta is a woman who went missing around 3 decades ago. According to an announcement made by the Ross Township police, she was recently found on Thursday in Puerto Rico.

Back in the day, Patricia was a street preacher from Pittsburgh who was known by the name ‘The Sparrow’. Her husband Bob Kopta stated that one night he came back home and she was gone. Continue reading further to know more details about the whole case.

Missing Pittsburgh woman Patricia Kopta has been found in Puerto Rico after 30 years 

Nearly 30 years ago, a Pittsburgh woman named Patricia Kopta went missing. And now, she has been found. Her husband Bob Kopta said, “I come home one night, and she’s just gone, and nobody knows where she’s at.”

In the year 1992, Bob reported her missing from North Hills. Brian Kohlhepp, the deputy police chief of Ross Township has stated that he had just been contacted by an Interpol agent and a social worker. They were sure that they had found Kopta alive nearly 1,700 miles away, at an adult care home. The people who contacted the cops have mentioned that Patricia was found in need of care and then taken to an adult home care in June 1999.

Patricia Kopta was reportedly struggling with mental health issues

The Ross Township police authorities have claimed that Patricia refused to talk to anyone about her personal life. It has been reported that she must have taken a ship from Europe to reach Puerto Rico. As of this moment, the investigators have no proof of her in Europe.

Brian has said that as The Sparrow aged, she started to open up to the people around her. The people in Puerto Rico made the connection and contacted his department.

In a statement, Kohlhepp said, “We were contacted by an agent from Interpol as well as a social worker from Puerto Rico who believed they had her in an adult care home in Puerto Rico. They said she came into their care in 1999 when she was found in need in the streets where she is wandering around. While there, she refused to discuss her private life or where she came from.”

He went on to say, “As she asked and spoke more, she leaked enough details about her identity that they were able to connect enough dots to contact us.”

With the help of DNA samples, it was found that the woman was none other than Patricia Kopta. Her family stated she was a beloved wife and sister. But, one day, she just left. In the past, she was declared legally dead.

And now more than three decades later, the family members of Patricia have heard the news that they thought they would never get. Kopta’s sister Gloria Smith said, “Shock. I didn’t believe it. Total shock.”

 Gloria went on to say, “We really thought she was dead all those years. We didn’t expect it and it was a very big shock to find out she was alive, and we are so happy, and I hope I can get down to see her.”

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