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Who is McPlayGT? 17-year old TikTok Star got stabbed in Bowery, NYC

The American born Michael Chen aka Mcplaygt is a famous Tiktok Star who recently got stabbed in his neck in New York City. The 17-year old Asian-American became a victim of an unprovoked attack while leaving with his female friends.

The authorities revealed that he left a restaurant at 1:00 AM at the time when he was attacked. He was just about to leave for his home but then this brutal attack happened. Who is Mcplaygt? Let’s get to know him.

The Unprovoked Attack

Michael Chen is a famous TikTok star who has around 5 million followers. Chen took to Instagram on how he survived this brutal attack. A man came forward and taunted him as to how he pulled such women.

The man deliberately approached Chen to initiate a conversation and mocked him. In no time, the alleged person pierced a sharp object in his neck. He revealed on his Instagram video how he almost died. Later, Chen was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, where he received five or more stitches.

The attacker has been described as a 6’2” bearded man by Chen. He also stated that the alleged man was wearing a blue puffer jacket with a chain. A police complaint has been filed based on Chen’s narration.

Who is McPlayGT?

McPlayGT is an Asian who was born in America. His real name is Michael Chen and was born in 2004. Chen, 17 is famous for posting comedic Titok videos about Asian culture, growing up as a teen in NYC. He also posts funny videos of his mother.

Before Michael Chen became famous, he casually posted several TikTok videos on his old Insta account themichaelchen. These videos included his mother and grandmother. if we talk about his net worth, Chen is a millionaire. His net worth extends between $1 million- $5 million solely through his TikTok career.

Michael Chen is now posting Instagram stories and videos to thank media channels like NBC News for spreading awareness and supporting him in this tough time. He is doing well and will be back in no time with more funny videos for his fans.

Chen’s charming personality, positive outlook and humour has earned him a lot of fans at a young age. Even after this gruesome attack and almost losing his life, he narrates how this attack has helped him see the world differently. He also said, “Life isn’t the same for him anymore.” As much as I want life to go back to normal, it isn’t the same. Being near death was a moment I can never forget.”

The recent attack against Chen appears to be a hate crime. Recently, America has become a hot spot for unprovoked attacks. It was only a day back that a history-sheeter Tammey Esco attacked a 67-year old Asian-American woman without any provocation.

A recent national survey from “Stop AAPI Hate” revealed that there have been more than 10,000 incidents of hate crime in the previous two years in America. It’s sad that in the 21st century, American continues to witness such attacks.

We don’t know yet if Chen is a victim of a hate crime but that’s just an analysis from the picture he gave to the authorities. Let’s wait till the accused is caught. What do you think about this incident?

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