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Who is Forgiato Blow? The Rapper Whose Track ‘Boycott Target’ has Gone Viral on Social Media

For the last few days, the retail chain Target is facing backlash from a number of social media users, particularly Republican supporters, for its Pride collection. The chain came under fire from conservatives for featuring a transgender influencer in the campaign.

Now to add fuel to the fire, a Boycott Target song has made its way online and is now trending on social media. The track has been created by rapper Forgiato Blown along with some other musicians. So who is Forgiato Blown, and how did he rise to prominence? Read on to find out.

Who is Rapper Forgiato Blow?

Forgiato Blow is a 39-year-old rapper known for being a staunch supporter of the Republicans. He has released 35 albums so far, mostly featuring right-wing ideologies, artists, and musicians. Blow, whose real name is Kurl Jantz, is known for his political rap.

The South Florida native attended Admiral Farragut Academy and made his music debut in 2013. He gained a huge following in 2016 when he popularized a new genre ‘MAGA rap’, in support of Donald Trump. The rapper got famous as the ‘Mayor of MAGAville’. He now boasts of millions of streams on Spotify and over 40k subscribers on YouTube.

Forgiato Blow had a Breakthrough with MAGA Rap

Some of Blow’s most popular songs from his MAGA Rap, aka Trumpist hip-hop subgenre, include Back the Blue, Let’s Go, Brandon, 4 More Years, and Ride the Horse. With the tracks, he found a dedicated following among Republicans and their supporters.

“I look at Trump like a rapper. A hustler. The man. Ballplayer. You know what I’m saying? He’s got everything he wants. I’ve always thought I was the Donald Trump of rap,” Blow revealed about his inspiration in an earlier interview.

“In the music industry, everyone loved me, but nobody wanted to support me on a big record label. Or everybody wants to support me and be my friend when they need something from me,” he continued.

“I felt like that was like Trump—before he was president, everybody loved him… Said he’s going to be the president and they said, ‘No way.’ And then what happened? He became the president. That’s like me and music. I said I was going to make it through, you know, being a white rapper,” Blow explained.

Blow’s ‘Boycott Target’ is Now Trending on Social Media

Last week, Forgiato Blow came up with the song Boycott Target, as a protest against the retail chain. The track also featured Jimmy Levy, Nick Nittoli, and Stoney Dude Bro. The has already gone viral on social media, garnering over 300k views on YouTube in four days.

“There’s a clean-up on every aisle. Target is targetin’ your kids. This agenda’s gotta stop, they know we gonna win,” Blow raps in the song. Following the success of the track, he claimed, “That’s how we change culture. That’s how we change the evilness that’s happening with our children.”

Meanwhile, Target has started removing the items from its catalog that ‘have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior.’ The company cited its team members’ safety and well-being for giving in to the demands of the social media protesters.

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