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Who Is Carly Burd As Her Garden Gets Vandalized Amid Soaring Inflation Prices In The U.K.

Not all heroes wear capes, and TikToker Carly Burd is one such example. The woman, who has been dedicated to growing fruits and vegetables, and feeding thousands of people amid the cost of living crisis in the United Kingdom, recently shared her heartbreaking story on TikTok.

On Tuesday, Carly Burd posted a shocking video on Tuesday (April 11) after she found her garden vandalised with salt, killing most of the crops. The videos have been viewed more than 1.6 million times, and people have been pouring all sorts of help following the brutal incident.

Who is Carly Burd?

Who said you need to be in power to help society? TikToker Carly Burd surely proves otherwise. The woman has been tirelessly growing fruits and vegetables for people in need in the United Kingdom. Until now, she’s fed more than 1,600 people whilst the cost of living crisis in the United Kingdom.

If you aren’t aware, Carly Burd began spreading the word about her “A Meal on Me With Love” initiative in November 2022. The said initiative is dedicated to assembling fruits and vegetables from her garden in Harlow, England. She transfers them into donation boxes and then delivers them to those in need.

“I have single-handedly fed 190 people, transformed my whole garden into an allotment,” she explained on her fundraiser. Sadly, her pure act of kindness and love, suddenly turned into a nightmare after someone vandalised her garden with copious amounts of salt and destroyed hours and hours of her hard work.

Who Vandalised Carly Burd’s Garden?

Carly Burd has been growing everything on her own in her private garden in Harlow, England. The reason is simple. As a dedicated citizen, she volunteered to contribute to the ongoing “cost of living crisis” in the country. While she continued to do the highest act of feeding thousands of people, Carly was seen full of tears in her recent TikTok video.

In her viral video, which garnered over 1.6 million times views, Carly Burd explained that someone trespassed into her land, and used copious amounts of salt to “destroy her crops”. FYI, excess salt on farmland can decimate crop growth, and that’s exactly what happened.
The incident resulted in ruining hours and hours of labour she had put in to make the world a better place. “Everything I’ve planted won’t grow, and I can’t replant on it because it won’t grow,” she said in her heartbreaking video. She said that the onions that her children and volunteers helped her plant “would have fed 300 families.” 
“The amount of work — I can’t even begin to tell you — that’s gone into that allotment, it’s unbelievable,” she said in a heavy voice. The good part is that many people came forward and offered help to restore her land. Many people even offered her donations. It is not known yet who vandalised her garden, and what exactly was the reason behind such a brutal act.

Donations & Help Pour In For Carl Burd

As Burd shared this heartbreaking farm incident, several people came forward to offer her help. Some TikTokers, who claimed to be farmers, advised her to use plenty of straw and water to undo some of the damage. “We can fix this!” one person assured her. “Can I help?” another viewer insisted. One expressed, “Please let me know somehow and I’ll help fix it.”

In a follow-up video, the kind lady thanked viewers for their tremendous support and help. As of Tuesday, her GoFundMe campaign raised around £83,290 against its initial £4,000 goal. All funds raised through this campaign will “go straight back” into ‘A Meal on Me.'” No matter what the setbacks are, nothing is stopping this lady.

As inflation prices continue to hit sky-high in the UK, citizens continue to face an increased risk of hunger. For instance, in 2022, the number of English students facing food poverty almost doubled. Burd, on the other hand, expressed in a 2022 interview that she was unable to afford food while on disability. This inspired her to help those who are currently suffering amid the cost crisis.

The cost crisis in the UK is as real as it comes. One TikToker, Peter Woods posted a TikTok on October 23, showcasing his struggle with the increased cost of living in his country amid rising inflation. He showed how he was left with a few tins of fish before he could afford the same on his next payday. His fridge contained one banana and a bowl of one pence coins.

“I did find a pound, so I can buy some bread tomorrow,” Woods revealed. “But everything’s gone up, it’s ridiculous. My rent has gone up, the electric, the gas, food, the cost of living is really crazy,” he narrated in the video. And guess what, this is just one story out of the many who continue to suffer.

As a result of this crisis, TikTok has continued to buzz with money-saving ideas. Many creators continue to share advice on how to stretch their paychecks to keep up with increasing costs. Previously, one TikTok user posted under the handle @costoflivingcrisistips, and advised everyone to charge all devices before October 1.

He claimed that it would save around 80% of the bill. In another video, he even showed people how to make a boiled kettle last all day. In these troubled times, even a small donation could make a difference. What do you think about this crisis in the United Kingdom?

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