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Who is Ava James? Teacher Fired from Job after School Discovered Her OnlyFans Account

A Canadian teacher is making news after being fired from her job for having an OnlyFans account. Ava James is a social media influencer who had to leave her teaching job after her school authorities found out about her being active on the adult-content sharing platform.

James has decided to take legal action against the school and is trying to revoke her termination. She has now become the talk of the town and people are interested to learn more about the influencer. Here is everything we know about Ava James.

Who is Ava James?

Ava James is a Canadian teacher who worked as a special needs teaching assistant in British Columbia. Her real name is Kristin MacDonald. Apart from being a teacher, she is also known for her social media handles where she enjoys a considerable following.

James goes by the username ava_james88 on TikTok and has around 20k followers on the platform. She mostly posts sultry videos in bikinis, flaunting her curvy body, and receives thousands of views on her TikToks.

The teacher-influencer is also quite famous on Instagram, having more than 40k followers. Apart from that, she also has an OnlyFans account, where she shares her NSFW pictures and videos with her paid subscribers.

James was Asked to Shut Her OnlyFans Account by School Authorities

The school first found out about James’ OnlyFans profile in April this year and asked her to shut down her account, along with other social media handles. The influencer was handed a cease and desist letter from the Coquitlam School District at the time. When James refused to comply with the order, she was fired from the school on June 16th.

“I was advised to deactivate all Ava James social media platforms immediately, including Instagram, TikTok, and OnlyFans, or possibly be terminated. I did not comply,” MacDonald revealed to the media.

The special needs teaching assistant says that she can not confirm how the authorities got to know about her online profile, but as per rumors, a student had complained against her, stating, “Ava James only wears bikinis in her TikToks.”

The Teacher Has Now Filed a Legal Complaint Against the School

The school apparently conducted an investigation into the matter before deciding to terminate MacDonald’s contract. However, she believes that during the investigation ‘it was clear that the narrative had been concluded as I was repeatedly shamed for having an OnlyFans account.’

MacDonald claims that the school presented pictures from her paid content as evidence against her, and hence used ‘taxpayer money to subscribe to the account.’ She has now filed a legal complaint against the school and wants to be reinstated.

The influencer claims that she made only $1000 from her teaching job bi-weekly, and needed to make an OnlyFans account to earn additional income and make ends meet. MacDonald also revealed that she worked hard for the job, which she got after attending two years of college.

“At this point, I’d like the ability to go back to working for a school district,” said the teacher, adding that she still has her student loans to pay off. “I feel like they’re making connections to, you know, me defaming the education system by wearing this outfit. It’s so far-fetched to me. It seems very petty,” concluded MacDonald.

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