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What Happened to Mitch McConnell? US Senator Rushed to Hospital After Fall

Not long ago, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell was taken to the hospital after he fell at a local hotel in Washington D.C. As per reports, the minority leader was hospitalized on Wednesday night.

The politician was rushed to hospital after falling at a hotel in Washington, D.C. Continue reading further to know what happened to senator Mitch McConnell and how is he doing at the moment.

Why was Mitch McConnell rushed to the hospital?

Recently, Mitch McConnell who has been Senate Republican leader since 2007 was admitted to the hospital after tripping at a hotel in Washington, D.C. The American politician was hospitalized on Wednesday.

On Thursday morning, the US Senate Mitch McConnell’s spokesperson David Popp issued an official statement in which he talked about the incident that led the politician to the hospital.

Mitch’s spokesperson David Popp told USA Today, “This evening, Leader McConnell tripped at a local hotel during a private dinner. He has been admitted to the hospital where he is receiving treatment.”

As of this moment, no details about the current condition of the politician who served as majority leader from the year 2015 to 2021 have been revealed publicly.

In 2019, Mitch McConnell fell at his home in Kentucky

Yeah, you read that right. In the year 2019, the Kentucky Republican suffered a bad fall at his home in Kentucky. As a result of the fall, he fractured his shoulder. In a statement issued, his spokesman David Popp mentioned that he tripped on his outdoor patio.

Then, he underwent surgery to repair the fracture of his shoulder. He was treated and released to his home, where he was working. Around that point, he had started a summer recess and he worked from his home for a couple of weeks while recovering.

At that time, Popp wrote, “This afternoon he contacted Senators Cornyn and Portman to express his deepest sympathies for the people of El Paso and Dayton and discuss the senseless tragedies of this weekend.” Then, he talked about the separate shootings that took place in El Paso and Dayton, where about 29 people were killed and many were injured.

During a 2020 interview with Associated Press, Mitch described having polio as a child which made him less mobile than other children his age. Then, he stated that there were times he still had some problems while climbing the stairs.

In a 2021 PSA, McConnell spoke about his fight against polio while promoting the coronavirus vaccine. As per CNN, he said, “As a boy, I fought polio. Today, America’s been polio-free for 40 years — thanks to vaccinations. We’ll beat COVID-19 with vaccines, too. Protect yourself and your family. Get vaccinated.”

The PSA was played more than 100 times on local television stations in Kentucky. The main aim of the PSA was to encourage people to get vaccinated.

We wish a speedy recovery to Mitch McConnell. You can drop your best wishes for the politician in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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