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US First Lady Jill Biden Rebuked for Comparing Latinos to ‘Breakfast Tacos’

US first lady Jill Biden’s endeavour to praise Latinos backfired when she addressed Latinos as unique as “breakfast tacos” on 11th July.

This has led to criticism from her political opponents and on social media. She has caused offence after comparing Hispanic people during the speech to “tacos”.

On Monday, Mrs Biden was addressing an annual conference at UnidosUS, formerly known as the National Council of La Raza, in San Antonio about the Hispanic “Quest for Equity”. Biden was trying to honour Raul Yzaguirre, who led the civil rights and advocacy organization for more than three decades now.

Jill Biden was speaking at the annual conference of UnidosUS about the Hispanic “Quest for Equity”

She said, “Raul helped build this organization with the understanding that the diversity of this community, as distinct as the bodegas of the Bronx, as beautiful as the blossoms of Miami, and as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio, is your strength”.

Statement by NAHJ

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) rebutted saying, “NAHJ encourages
@FLOTUS & her communications team to take time to better understand the complexities of our people & communities.”

NAHJ added, “We are not tacos. Our heritage as Latinos is shaped by various diasporas, cultures & food traditions. Do not reduce us to stereotypes.”

Every Latino has been offended by their vibrant culture that has been reduced to a food item. Several social media users across the United States echoed the sentiment that Latinos aren’t tacos.

Mrs Biden also made the mistake in her speech when she mispronounced the convenience stores as “bogedas” instead of bodegas. Miami has long been a destination for Latin American immigrants who come for better opportunities in the United States.

According to the latest Quinnipiac opinion poll held this year, it was found that 26% of Hispanic voters approve of Mr Biden’s performance as President compared to 55% a year ago. Hispanic voters have been a key voting bloc for the Democratic Party for many years.

Reaction on Social Media

Conservatives lapped up this opportunity and prompted outrage on social media platforms saying what the liberal outrage would sound like had this been said by a Republican.

Andy Biggs, a Republican from Arizona, tweeted, “No wonder Hispanics are fleeing the Democratic Party!”

Rep. Carlos A. Gimenez, US congressman tweeted, “In case the White House needed a reminder: no, we are not tacos. Hispanics aren’t a monolith. We are a very real, diverse people shaped by different histories, food, and even variance in language. We have dreams and aspirations. We want an education, to work, and to get ahead.”

In 2016, Former President Donald Trump was also accused of clumsy jokes when he tweeted a pic with the caption “I love Hispanics!” wherein he was seen eating tacos in the image.

While US President Joe Biden often gets trolled by opponents, social media users and TV media for his public gaffes, Jill Biden has so far managed to avoid that. However, this episode of comparing Latinos to tacos is not gonna go down well with the Hispanic community.

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