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University Rugby Player ‘Maddy Lawrence’ Cause of Death Explored

A shocking piece of news recently surfaced regarding the death of a 20-year-old female as a result of a sports injury. Over here, we’re talking about Maddy Lawrence.

She’s not a well-known celebrity, but she’s a pleasant and bubbly student who everyone loves at her university. The player has received tributes from her family and friends. But what happened?

Well, we’ll get into that in a bit more detail soon. Along with her friends and family, a number of well-known Rugby organizations have spoken out about Maddy. She was also known as “Twinkle Toes”.

University Rugby Player ‘Maddy Lawrence’ Died At Age 20 Because Of An Injury Infection

Maddy Lawrence was wounded while playing for the University of the West of England (UWE) women’s second team versus the University of Bristol when she was taken to the hospital.

On March 25, 2022, the player passed away. The bubbly girl died two weeks after being rushed to the hospital with an injury sustained during the game.

She approached each new talent with enthusiasm. Maddy was devoted to her team and proudly represented UWE both on and off the rugby field. The incident was mentioned by the family.

They stated that she was rushed to the hospital due to an injury that was not life-threatening. But, tragically, she developed a bacterial infection, which the hospital staff did everything they could to treat.

According to her family, she underwent life-saving procedures every day of her ICU stay and fought hard to recover.

Maddy Lawrence’s Family Statement On The Incident

The family’s statement is as follows:

“Ever since Maddy started playing rugby at UWE she has loved every moment of it. During the last match of the season, she sustained an injury that was not at all life-threatening. She went into hospital and we believed that she should be home by the weekend.

Tragically, she had picked up a bacterial infection that the acute team tried tirelessly to get under control. Maddy fought with every sinew in her body, through life-saving surgeries every single day of her stay in ICU.

Her spirit and desire to live was so strong, as well as her heart and courage, that the medical teams were in awe of her and she never gave up that fight. So sadly on Friday 25 March, her body could take no more and we let her go, on to her next adventure with her adoring family by her side.

Maddy’s presence, bravery, spirit, goodness, sass, beauty, and love will never be forgotten and is felt all around us and in us and always will be.”

Maddy Lawrence’s Rugby Shirt Number ’11’ Will Be Retired To Honor Her

Maddy’s squad has announced that the number 11 shirt will be retired in her honor and memory.

Here’s what the squad said as a tribute to Maddy Lawrence on Instagram.

“She proudly represented our club both on and off the rugby pitch, growing into the sport and our rugby family. Maddy was a bubbly girl who was so fun to be around.

Whenever she smiled and laughed you couldn’t help but smile and laugh with her.”

Adding, “That was the sort of player, friend, sister, and daughter Maddy was. Her everlasting energy has left its mark on this club, she will forever be our number 11 and will forever be our friend.”

A Fundraiser In Honour Of Maddy Lawrence

To commemorate Maddy Lawrence’s life, a fundraiser has been organized. Her friends and family created this fundraising to honor her life.

The funds raised will benefit the women’s rugby club as well as mental wellness. Because those were the two things that were close to Maddy’s heart.

“Maddy was an absolute pleasure to coach,” stated Tom Monks, head of UWE Women’s Rugby Union.

“She wanted to learn and appreciated every playing opportunity that her dedication warranted. The unity and togetherness of this year’s squad are the strongest I’ve ever felt in my 20 years of coaching and Maddy’s beaming smile and warmth embodied the incredible bond we have.”

Maddie Crofts, Maddy’s teammate, said some kind words in her memory, “She was honestly the nicest person I have ever met.

She was always so bubbly and always had a smile on her face. It is cheesy to say but the room really did light up when Maddy was there.”

Tributes Paid To Maddy Lawrence By Individuals On Twitter 

On Twitter, numerous Rugby organizations and individuals paid tribute to Maddy Lawrence.

Our thoughts are with all of you.

According to the Rugby Football Union, “On behalf of everyone at the RFU, we extend our heartfelt sympathies to the family and friends of Maddy Lawrence.

The thoughts of everyone in the game are with UWE Women’s Rugby, their players, members, and the wider rugby community.”

To commemorate Maddy’s life, BUCS Super Rugby will hold a minute of applause before the BSR semi-finals tomorrow.

We know it’s shocking news. You’re welcome to leave a comment here to pay your tribute to Maddy Lawrence. Rest in peace, girl.

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