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Ukrainian Photojournalist Maks Levin Killed by Russian Bullets in Kyiv

Ukrainian photojournalist Maks Levin Maks Levin went missing around March 13, 2022, in a combat zone near Kyiv. Maks was reportedly killed by two Russian bullets. The news has been confirmed by Ukraine’s prosecutor general’s office.

The 40-year-old war photographer’s body was recovered from the Huta-Mezhyhirska village on Friday according to the news website LB.ua, which is one of the outlets he was associated with. Let’s get to know about Maks’ career.

Who was Maks Levin?

Maks Levin was a 40-year old Ukrainian photographer. He was born in Kyiv Oblast. Levin started working as a photojournalist in 2006. He started working as a staff photographer for a news website, LB.ua and a stringer for Reuters.

Maks has a ripe experience in war photography. He was present for several battles in the Russo-Ukrainian war and was previously encircled by Russian forces during the Battle of Ilovaisk, which took place in 2014.


In addition to his journalism career, he was associated with the UN and other humanitarian organizations. Maks created dozen of video projects for WHO, UNICEF, UN, OSCE and UN Woman.

At LB.ua, Maks was responsible for developing the new media platform by shooting videos, writing texts and broadcasting online. He was praised for capturing the Donetsk Regional State Administration, the Presidential election in the Donetsk region whilst military conditions, the first Caucasian soldiers in Donetsk and the bombing of Sloviansk.

Maks ran his documentary projects about autistic children and single dads. He was able to make several international publications. Maks Levis has co-organized several exhibitions. Have a look at some of his prominent exhibitions:

  • “Maydan: Human Factor”
  • “Ukraine 24. War&Peace”, Los Angeles
  • “Conflict Zone: Ukraine”, Chicago
  • “Donbas War and Peace”, European Parliament, Brussels
  • “Donbas: War and peace”, Prague
  • Photo exhibition about the Battle of Ilovaisk, Kyiv

To simply put, Maks was a war-battered but resolutely committed photographer who offered truthful insights into war and deprivation. He was known for his soulful photography. However, he died doing what he loved.

Statement from CPJ

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) released a heartfelt statement following the death of Maks Levis. CPJ Program Director Carlos Martinez de la Serna released a statement from New York stating:

“We are deeply saddened by the news of photojournalist Maks Levin’s death in Ukraine while he was reporting on the war in the Kyiv region,” said CPJ Program Director Carlos Martinez de la Serna, in New York. ”Levin is the sixth journalist known to have died covering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine thus far. Ukrainian and Russian authorities must do everything in their power to investigate his death, ensure that those responsible are held accountable, and guarantee the safety of journalists covering the war from the ground.”

War Journalism comes with a cost…

Maks’ death narrates the gripping truth about the threat posed by war photographers and journalists. Previously, Russian journalist Oksana Baulina was killed while she was filming the attack on Kyiv’s Podul district.

Other journalists who lost their lives include 24-year-old Ukrainian journalist Olexandra Kuvshynova (FOX News)who sustained leg injuries from shrapnel from the Podil attack and 55-year-old Pierre Zakrzewski. 

While there are endless unreported names of civilians and journalists, the war doesn’t appear to cease. Yesterday, Ukraine regained control of the whole Kyiv region. But again, there have been more than 13,100-13,300 fatalities as per a UN report. The war must end. What do you think about Maks Levin?

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