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UFC Star Nate Diaz Filmed Choking a Man in a Street Brawl in New Orleans

Nate Diaz got into a horrible fight with a man in a street in New Orleans on Friday and choked him till he passed out. The incident was captured on camera and the video is now going viral on social media. 

The former UFC legend was in the city to attend Misfit Boxing’s MF & DAZN: X Series 006 event. Earlier during the match, he was seen chucking a bottle at reality star Chase DeMoor after an altercation while sitting in the audience.

Nate Diaz Chokes Man in a Street Brawl

The 38-year-old professional mixed martial artist was at the XULA Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana to support his teammate Chris Avila, who faced Paul Bamba in the boxing event. After the match, he got into a street brawl and choked a man. The man in question ran up to him and was locked into a chokehold by the UFC star.

The bystanders, meanwhile, were shocked and shouted at him to stop. Diaz, however, hit the man with his knees and kept hold of him until he passed out. He then dropped him on the floor and walked away casually. It is not yet known whether the man suffered any injuries and if he was taken to a hospital.

Diaz Threw a Bottle at Chase DeMoor During Live Match

This was not the only trouble Diaz got into on Friday. Earlier that night, he got into a fight with Netflix reality star and footballer Chase DeMoor. The professional fighter was seen sitting in the front row while enjoying the bout, while DeMoor who sat behind him, started heckling him and calling him names.

Diaz then picked up a bottle and threw it straight toward DeMoor. The fight between the two was about to escalate, but the rest of the audience members and security guards intervened and stopped them.

DeMoor, who has appeared in the Netflix shows Too Hot to Handle and Perfect Match, later claimed that Diaz ran away after being scared of him. “Nate Diaz decided to get mad and throw a prime bottle on me, that’s cute bro. Just next time don’t run,” he said.

UFC President Reacts to the Incident

UFC president Dana White saw the video of the street brawl and reacted to it during a live stream with Adin Ross. “His head bounced like a f****** basketball,” he said about the victim. The man was initially reported to be Rodney Petersen, a look-alike of Logan Paul.

Petersen then refuted the reports by posting the video on his Instagram story and writing, “Got attacked by Nate Diaz. Wtf I was like bro chill. He was like I Someone Say Kill?” Another UFC legend, Conor Mcgregor, also reacted to the incident by tweeting, “Hahaha Nate on a rampage tonight! Let’s go Nate! Hahaha.”

“Lovely little knee to the body hahahaa,” read another one of his tweets. Meanwhile, Diaz has been away from action since September 2022 when he defeated Donald Ferguson at UFC 279. His next match is against Jake Paul, scheduled for August 5th.

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