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Tyrese Gibson Held In Contempt, Ordered To Pay $636K For Child Support & Legal Bills

Tyrese Gibson is in hot water for his child support case. The Fulton County court judge, whom the actor called “racist” has ordered the “Alter Ego” artist a whopping $636,000 to his ex-wife, Samantha Lee Gibson, for child support and lawyer fees. It was reported that the actor defied the previous ordered and refrained from paying $10,000 a month in August 2022.

Tyrese Publicly Called Out The Judge, Disobeyed Previous Order

“Fast & Furious” star Tyrese Gibson was held in contempt by a judge in the Fulton County court, during a child support hearing on Tuesday (April 25). The actor and singer is now ordered to pay $636,000 in child support to his ex-wife, Samantha Lee Gibson. The money also includes legal fee expenses.

The judge, whom Tyrese publicly called “racist”, has set May 15 as the due date for paying $258k of it. The ordered amount includes $250,000 for child support and almost $400,000 to her attorney. The judge told in the courtroom that Tyrese didn’t pay $10k/ month previously ordered by the court, instead, he’d been paying around $2k/month.

The judge still went a little easy on Tyrese, who could have been arrested for disobeying the court’s order. The actor believes that his ex-wife, who is a certified social worker, doesn’t need that much money as she herself earns well.

Tyrese can’t help pushing off this judge. After today’s hearing, he released a video, calling on civil rights attorneys like Ben Crump, and Martin Luther King III to show up in court to support him against the “biased” judge. His lawyer, Tanya Mitchell Graham, on the other hand, has decided to file an appeal and has already filed a motion for a new trial.

Tyrese Never Wanted To Fork Out Spousal Support

Since the beginning of this trial, Tyrese never wanted to offer spousal support to his spendthrift ex-wife, Samantha Lee Gibson. Last year in August, his ex-wife, Samantha was grilled by Tyrese’s attorney, Tanya Mitchell Graham, about some of her expenses from 2 years ago, including $1,740 for cosmetic surgery.

Tyrese, on the other hand, wanted to avoid spousal support, also saving his 2016 Range Rover in the process. Tyrese had requested joint physical and legal custody of their daughter, Soraya Gibson, something the judge isn’t up for.

Samatha Lee, Tyrese’s ex-wife is a licensed social worker and tied the knot with the actor in 2017. The former couple parted ways in 2020 after only three years of marriage. Their daughter, Soraya Somer Gibson was born in October 2018. Before this, Tyrese was married to Norma Mitchell, with who he shares one child.

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