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Twitter HQ Auction: Is It Elon Musk’s Cost-Cutting Stunt?

In a move that’s being termed as Elon’s cost-cutting stunt, the billionaire is all set to sell off Twitter’s Headquarter properties – from a coffee machine to furniture, everything would be put up in the dramatic auction. Well, if you want to take some items to revamp your office or room, here are the details about when and where the auction will be taking place.

When Is Twitter HQ Auction Taking Place?

First, Elon Musk fired Twitter employees as a part of his cost-cutting measure, now the billionaire is set to sell Twitter’s San Francisco HQ properties. From furniture to a coffee machine, everything will form a part of this bizarre auction. The auction will take place on January 17, 2023, at 10 AM PT.

In the said auction, people will have nearly “one and a half days” to pick up their favourite things from the 250 items listed on the Heritage Global Partners website. Even though no official reason has been given for the auction, Twitter users are already mocking Elon for another cost-cutting measure.

Where Is The Auction Taking Place?

It appears that Twitter’s San Francisco HQ is undergoing a liquidation sale. From office chairs, and industry-grade espresso machines, to kitchenware, Elon is set to auction everything, in a move that’s being called another cost-cutting measure. According to a posting on the Heritage Global Partners website:

“Twitter is holding an online auction for its surplus corporate office assets. Bidding opens on Jan. 17, 2023, with opening bids starting at $25 and $50. Items on the auction block include office chairs, industry-grade espresso machines, and lots and lots of kitchenware.”

The website also states that the “manual flywheel slicer” is another eye-catching item, and its bidding starts at $25. Restaurant-grade full-sized ovens, also start at $25. An “Electrolux Greens Machine 20Gal Vegetable Dryer” also forms a part of the auction. Well, just like other auctions, the highest bidder will get to take away their favourite items.

How To Take Part In The Auction?

The Heritage Global Partners website states that one has to register on their website to take part in this auction. You can register by clicking on the link HERE. The website suggests that there are 265 items on the list, and a wide variety of items are available from Twitter’s HQ. The list includes items like Twitter bird statues, lounge chairs, electric ovens, espresso machines and much more!

An official reason for this auction hasn’t been given. While the website states that they are trying to get rid of the surplus items, we know what the company is up to. Many people are calling it a desperate move to keep the company’s lights on.

In early November, Elon Musk fired almost 3,700 Twitter employees in a brutal cost-cutting measure, with hundreds more resigning later. The move was condemned by several celebrities like Gigi Hadid, who deactivated their Twitter accounts. The Victoria’s Secret model stated that the famous social media platform has become a “cesspool of hate and bigotry” under the billionaire’s leadership.

Well, Gigi isn’t the only celebrity who has left the platform after Musk took over the reins of Twitter. Stars like singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles, R&B artist Toni Braxton and Shonda Rhimes also deactivated their Twitter days after Musk’s deal. For instance, Shonda tweeted, “Not hanging around for whatever Elon has planned. Bye.”

From issues like fake verified accounts to misinformation, Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has been condemned by many. Two days back, Elton John quit Twitter citing “misinformation” as a reason. Fake accounts and fake news have become a common affair amid Elon’s content moderation.

Elon’s vague policies and decisions have certainly hit the credibility of the site, which once was considered “informative” and a platform for “free speech”. Several celebrities have already become victims of fake accounts. It can be said that Twitter’s credibility is under question with Elon’s takeover. But hey, what do you think about this auction?

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