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Tim Feerick, Dance Gavin Dance Bassist has Died: Cause of Death Unknown

Tim Feerick, the bassist for the rock band, Dance Gavin Dance has passed away. The reason for his death and his age are undisclosed for the time being.

It is a sad day for the rock industry as we lose one more of the talented youth that made music that touched the souls of their listeners.

Official Statement on Tim Feerick

The band confirmed the news of Tim’s death through Instagram, posting their message to the fans and a photo of Tim playing the bass at one of the concerts.

The message read that the band was utterly devasted and would like fans to respect the privacy of Tim’s family. The cause of his death is still unknown.

Tim Feerick’s Career as a Bassist

Tim Feerick was the bassist for the punk rock band, Dance Gavin Dance. He joined the band in late 2011 after the previous bassist, Eric Lodge quit.

He contributed to the band’s eight albums from Acceptance Speech (2013), Acceptance Speech, Instant Gratification (2015), live album Tree City Sessions (2016), Mothership, Artificial Selection (2018), Afterburner (2019), and second live album Tree City Sessions 2 (2020).

Here’s a video that the band released back in the day of Tim Feerick, as he performs one of his various bass lines from their countless albums.

Just last month Dance Gavin Dance had released a new single with Rob Damiani titled Synergy, a heavy punk track talking about the lost hope that today’s social media fills us with.

The music of Dance Gavin Dance moved a lot of rock heads, in an industry where real authentic punk is missing dearly. Just two weeks from now Dance Gavin Dance was supposed to perform on 23 April 2022, just two weeks from now.

Twitter Mourns

People have been chiming in with their condolences for Tim Feerick. A bright, talented and kind person, Tim’s death has made Twitter pour their heart out for the former bassist, extending their condolences to his family and friends.

The frontman and singer for the band, P.O.D. Sonny Sandoval tweeted just mins from the news breaking on social media, ‘Another tragedy for music’ as he added the link for the people to cherish Dance Gavin Dance music.

The head of the megafan account, DGDnews, shared his thoughts about the bassist, saying that his personality was like an angel and he loved the craft of music deeply with his heart. In their last talk, he told Tim Feerick thank you which rings true at this time as well.

One fan chimed in, saying that the way Tim used to play the bass encouraged the artist in him to pick up bass as well. It is wonderful to see the impact that a person can have whether they may be in this world or not.

Another fan tweeted about how a sweet and kind person Tim was, with a photo that she took with him at one of their shows.

In a crucial and heavy time, we just ask our readers to share their condolences with Tim’s friends and family and to respect their boundaries. In times like this, remembering the deceased person for the greatest things they achieved is the best way to grieve.

So we encourage you to listen to the albums and singles released by the band, Dance Gavin Dance as a form of grieving an amazing musician and his beloved work.

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  1. Dance Gavin concerts required proof of covid vaccination. So edgy, so real, but let’s just ignore the millions of people dead or permanently disabled due to the experimental mRNA spike protein injections. Go ahead, censor my comment. Blame his death on an “enlarged heart” due to drugs. It won’t stop the injected from dropping dead from the spike protein. Sooner or later the truth will be known.

    • How do you know it wasn’t from lasting events from possible Covid ya dumb douche. Anyway don’t politicize this tragedy, have some respect.

    • So is this just your thing now? And you’re gonna show up and spew your stupid bullshit anytime anyone dies for the rest of eternity? I’d say shame on you, but it clearly doesn’t matter.


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