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TikTokers Puff and Jackie Reportedly Died in South Africa, Fans Pay Tribute

At the moment, the TikTok community is mourning the loss of the famous TikTok couple Puff and Jackie. According to various reports that have surfaced on the internet, it is believed that the content creators passed away in South Africa.

The TikTok couple died in a reported shooting. The two of them have been named as the victims of a shooting that took place in Durban, South Africa. Keep scrolling further to learn more about the shooting that resulted in the demise of the TikTok couple.

What happened to the TikTokers Puff and Jackie?

The famous TikTok couple Brandon “Puff’ Kalicharan and his wife, Jeconiah “Jackie” Pillay were the victims of a shooting that occurred in Durban, South Africa. As per local reports, the pair was killed in a drive-by shooting on Tuesday afternoon at about 2:30 p.m.

At the time of the shooting, Puff and Jackie’s nine-year-old daughter was also with them in the vehicle. After the incident, she was immediately taken to a nearby local hospital. Shortly after, their daughter also passed away.

Content creators Puff and Jackie reportedly passed away in South Africa

When the shooting happened, Puff and his wife Jackie were on St. Peters Road in Springfield Park, Durban. It has been reported that a heavily armed gunman fired more than 50 bullets at their Volkswagen Amarok on both sides.

Both Puff and Jackie passed away at the scene of the shooting. On the other hand, when we talk about their daughter, she was found in a critical condition and was rushed to a hospital. Unfortunately, she died in the hospital.

As per the police authorities of KwaZulu-Natal, the aim of the shooting was seemingly drug-related as Brandon Kalicharan “had been on the Hawks’ radar for some time.” Spokesperson Robert Netshiunda also told ENCA that Puff was “alleged to be one of the drug lords in Chatsworth,” but verification is required.

Hawks are South Africa’s Directorate For Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI). They target organized and economic crime along with corruption. Up until now, the gunmen responsible for their deaths are unknown.

Right now, the cops are investigating the case, hopefully, we will get to know the names of the gunmen involved in their deaths in the times to come. At the time of their passing, Brandon Kalicharan and Jeconiah Pillay were 42 and 34 years old respectively. The couple’s daughter was only nine years old.

If you will search Puff and Jackie on the video-sharing app TikTok, then you will come across the account @puffnjeconiah which is one of the top accounts. Although, up until now it’s not confirmed whether it was their official TikTok account. Puff and Jackie were known by the fans for their couple TikTok videos in which they gave their fans a glimpse of their lavish lifestyle.

How did the netizens react to the demise of TikTokers Puff and Jackie?

Since the time, the tragic news of Puff, his wife Jackie, and the pair’s daughter’s passing has popped up on the internet, netizens have flooded various social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok with lots of tributary messages. Many users were disheartened after finding out that the couple’s little one also passed away during the attack.

One social media user penned, “Rest In Peace Puff, Jackie, and the beautiful little one. My deepest condolences to the family.” Another user chimed in, “My heart leads for the innocent little girl who had a whole life ahead of her. May God receive her soul.”

Followed by a third fan who wrote, “I feel sorry for his family, especially his daughter, her life was taken away from her.” A user further added, “so sorry for your loss prayers for family and friends.”

Another user went on to say, “Rip so beautiful family rest in peace my heart was cry I don’t know them but as a human I feel sad.” A user commented, “Rest in peace beautiful family. Condolences to the families and friends. May god give you all strength during this time.”

Recently, TikTok star Jehane Thomas passed away at 30

Not long ago, it was announced that British TikTok star, Jehane Thomas left for the heavenly abode. She passed away at the age of 30. The mom of two died unexpectedly last week. She had suffered from “migraines and bouts of illness” for several months.

The sad news of the TikToker’s demise was confirmed by her friend Alyx Reast in a GoFundMe listing started in her memory. He wrote, “Despite suffering from migraines and bouts of illness for several months, her passing was totally unexpected and we are all absolutely heartbroken.”

The social media influencer who was originally from Doncaster, England also had a side business. Apart from being a social media star, she was also the co-owner of a successful small stationery business. She documented her life on TikTok. Her videos revolved around her life as a mom to her 3½-year-old son Isaac and 21-month-old son Elijah.

Before her death, Jehane had shared a few glimpses of a difficult battle with her illness with her fans worldwide. Earlier this month, she mentioned that she had received a diagnosis of optic neuritis, after suffering from migraines for close to two years.

At that time, she wrote, “I was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis a few months ago after nearly 2 years of being told my migraines were stress related. They then thought I had MS which was ruled out (for now) but now the pressure in my head literally takes me off my feet.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Thomas’ two sons by her close friend Alyx, so that they “have the best childhood, make memories and make sure they are comfortable.” He concluded, “Jehane — I promised I’d do what I can for those boys, so that’s what I’m vowing to do. I love you … ”

Sending lots of love, light, and strength to the loved ones of Puff and Jackie during this hard time. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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