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TikTok Star Ben Grosskopf Announces Cancer Diagnosis

TikTok star Ben Grosskopf has revealed that he is battling cancer. The social media personality, who is only 14 years old, announced the sad news in an emotional video, disclosing that he is currently getting treatment in a hospital.

Grosskopf is known for his lip-syncs and videos about his daily life. Though he continued to post content on TikTok, he had not made any public appearance since September last year. Continue reading to know more about his diagnosis.

TikTok Star Ben Grosskopf Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Ben Grosskopf took to TikTok on January 23 to share the news with his followers through a video. He said that the post would not be joyous like his other content, adding that he did not announce the diagnosis earlier as he wanted to inform his family and friends first.

“Ripping off the bandaid, I have cancer. But I have also known about this for three or four days now, so I have had time to process it,” he said, adding that it took a long time to find out what was wrong with him, and he had to go through several tests in the hospital before the doctors could find out about the illness.

Grosskopf further revealed that he is suffering from lymphoma cancer, for which severity is not measured in stages like other forms of the disease. Instead, lymphoma is categorized into types A, B, and C. The content creator is battling Type B, the most common form of the condition.

The TikToker will Undergo Four Months of Chemotherapy

Grosskopf will now undergo four months’ worth of chemotherapy, which can be shorter or longer based on how his body reacts to the treatment. He also stated he was grateful that the cancer was not in his bone marrow, which would have required two extra months of chemotherapy.

Ben then talked about the worry of losing his hair, adding that he will be using a ‘cold cap’ to prevent the condition. Though the doctors told him not to expect high results from the cap, he is praying that it will work.

“Not that my hair is the most important thing right now, but it’s the only thing I care about because I’m not going to die,” Ben added. The TikTok star has returned to his home in Toronto, Canada, to receive treatment. He says that he has health insurance over there, in addition to the support of family and friends.

Ben concluded by saying that he was annoyed that he would have to skip school for a few months but was hopeful that he would recover soon and return to his classes in New York. He told his fans that he would keep them updated about his daily life and ended the video by saying he loved them.

Fans sent their prayers and well wishes to the creator in their comments. Ben has more than 1.1 million followers on TikTok. His fans admire him for his demeanor and cute smile and lip-sync videos. He has previously collaborated with several celebrities, including Mariah Carey and Lil Nas X.

We wish Ben Grosskopf a speedy recovery! Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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