Tia Bhuva knows her way around a saree, rather, a saree knows its way around her with her various and streamlined knowledge on how to best pin, pleat, and drape yards of cloth around herself.

Bhuva first caught our eye when, on her Instagram page, she posted various saree drapings to mimic Disney princess outfits. You can read about that project and her signature saree silhouette and cancan skirts here.

Whether it’s her Instagram feed or YouTube channel, what’s admirable about Bhuva is that she doesn’t only model her creative looks. She also offers a lot of valuable tutorials and advice on how you can recreate the looks yourself. It makes her fashion prowess more accessible to novices such as myself who still look at a Rubik’s cube as less challenging than how to drape a saree with some semblance of dignity.

We’ve shared ten of our favorite tutorials from Bhuva’s wheelhouse, though, this list hardly exhausts the numerous styles and tutorials she delivers. Consider this your starter-list for saree goals a la Bhuva!

1How to be a neat pleat whisperer

Bhuva advises, “Regardless of the drape, the secret to neat pleats is taking some time to arrange each pleat with the tiniest but equal spaces between them. If you stack the pleats on top of each other you’ll get less flare – it’s a small thing to change but I find it makes such a huge difference to how your pleats sit on your body and how beautifully they flow and flare when you walk.”

2How to put your back (pleats) into it



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