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The Kid Laroi Accused of Dining and Dashing a Restaurant After Concert in Missouri

The Kid Laroi is making headlines for the wrong reasons! The rapper has been accused of dining at a restaurant in Missouri on Tuesday and leaving without paying the bill. The 19-year-old dined at Dublin’s Pass Irish Pub & Restaurant with his friends but left the server empty-handed.

The outlet’s manager has now come forward to share the story, revealing that they tried contacting the rapper afterward, but there was no response. The Kid Laroi, whose real name is Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard performed a gig in the city before heading to the restaurant. Read on to know the complete details of the incident.

The Kid Laroi Accused of Dining and Dashing a Restaurant

The Stay singer had a show at the Great Southern Bank Arena in Missouri Tuesday night. After the concert, the rapper and his friends went to Dublin’s Pass Irish Pub & Restaurant to have food and drinks. Laroi was seated in a private room at the eatery. The restaurant’s manager, Autumn Gray, revealed that the rapper was kind to the staff at first.

He also met his fans and posed for photos with them. The group then ordered two cheeseburgers, a salad, chicken wings, three servings of mac and cheese, and two brownies. Meanwhile, they continued to take frequent smoke breaks to go outside.

The bill came up to $133.58. However, the group left for another smoke break, after assuring the server that they would come back inside. But when the server came back to pick up the dishes, he found out the rapper and his friends had already left the place, without paying the bill and the tip.

The Restaurant Tried to Reach Out to the Rapper

Gray revealed that after learning about the incident, she searched for the party in the entire restaurant but they had left the place. She also stated that it could very well be an unintentional mistake on the rapper’s part. She tried to contact Lorai’s team multiple times but hasn’t gotten a response so far.

The picture of the alleged bill was obtained by tabloid TMZ. The manager also revealed that the servers earn most of their money through tips and she feels bad that one of her employees practically had to do all the work for free. Meanwhile, neither the rapper nor his representatives have commented on the matter yet.

The Kid Laroi Performed at Coachella Last Month

The news comes just a few days after The Kid Lorai impressed the audience and fans with his performance at the Coachella Festival. During his gig, the singer thanked Justin Bieber for changing his life by collaborating with him on their track Stay.

“Justin, thank you for changing my f–king life, bro. You’re such a special f–king human being. I love you and I’ve got you forever, bro. Thank you for being not only an incredible musician and collaborator but thank you for being my f–king friend, man,” he said in the middle of the performance.

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