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‘Teen Mom’ Alum Ryan Edwards Gets Arrested for Stalking Wife Mackenzie

Ryan Edwards was recently arrested by the police authorities for stalking his estranged wife Mackenzie Edwards. The former Teen Mom star was arrested by the cops on Wednesday, March 1, 2023, for stalking and violation of an order of protection in Hamilton County, Tennessee.

Not long ago, Hamilton County’s Sheriff issued a statement to spill the beans on the arrest that saw the light of day in the afternoon. Continue reading further to catch more details about Ryan Edwards’ arrest.

Ryan Edwards has been arrested by cops for stalking his wife Mackenzie

Yeah, you read that right. According to a March 1 press release by Sheriff’s department, the former reality TV star was arrested on Wednesday for stalking his estranged wife Mackenzie Edwards and violating an order of protection. As of this moment, no further details about his arrest have been revealed.

The news of Ryan’s arrest comes just 2 days after his wife Mackenzie filed for divorce from him. In addition to this, she also got a restraining order against him. She also received temporary custody of the pair’s two kids, Jagger and Stella.

Nearly a month ago, Edwards was taken in custody for harassing his wife Mackenzie, as well as possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance and violating an order of protection.

At that point in time, he took to the social media platform Instagram to bash his wife Mackenzie for allegedly cheating on him. Then, he shared an X-rated image online.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Ryan wrote, “If you guys have never seen a spineless slut this is one. They take your money sleep with anything that looks at them. But they must have a wife to [sic]. God what a joke. It’s sad really.”

Mackenzie told cops about the domestic violence incidents that happened between her and Ryan

Soon after, the mom of two went to the police authorities and spoke about a series of alleged domestic violence incidents. She mentioned that all these incidents took place since the time they got married in the year 2017.

Mackenzie explained one such incident that happened in January and said, “Arguing, Ryan punched holes in the walls and doors. [He] held me up by my neck to the wall. Threw me down in hallway and said if he could not have me no one could. Opened pocket knife, put to my back like he was going to kill me. This was in front of children. I tried to leave, he smashed my phone, took my car keys.”

She also revealed the details of another fight that took place a week later. She said, “he came into bedroom where I was laying down” and pretended “like he’s going to punch my face.” She also stated that he allegedly broke the bed with her in it and got “in [her] face yelling.”

Mackenzie continued, “I went to get kids and leave. He wouldn’t let me leave. Threw me down in living room. Threw menthol nicotine in my eyes.”

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