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Takeoff Murder: Hosuton Police Arrests Suspect Patrick Xavier Clark

The police have finally made an arrest in the shooting and murder case of TakeOff. The Houston Police Department has arrested a 33 year old man named Patrick Xavier Clark on the charges of killing TakeOff.

The development comes a month after the Migos rapper was fatally shot after an altercation took place at a private party in Houston on November 2. TakeOff, who attended the party with his uncle and band member Quavo, was just a bystander and was unfortunately shot. Read on to know more about the suspect’s arrest.

Takeoff Murder Suspect Patrick Xavier Clark Arrested

Patrick Xavier Clark was taken into custody in the eastern side of Houston, Texas, on Thursday evening, announced the Houston Police Department Chief Troy in a press conference on Friday. The chief further said that Clark was being charged with the murder of TakeOff, whose real name was Kirshnik Khari Ball.

The authorities added that the investigators “used ballistic evidence, physical evidence and shooting reconstruction to identify Patrick Xavier Clark as the lethal shooter in the case.” Earlier this week, another man was arrested in connection with the case. Cameron Joshua, 22, was taken into custody for unlawfully carrying the weapon that was used for firing.

The police, however, did not charge Joshua with murder. Clark’s bail is now set at $1 million. Prosecutors have asked that if he is released on bail, he should be placed under house arrest and should not be allowed to talk to TakeOff’s family.

Patrick Xavier Clark Runs a Strip Club in Houston

The suspect, Clark, is said to be a famous promoter in Houston. He has a huge social media presence and also runs The Flame HTX, a strip club in the city. He is locally known by the name of ‘DJ Pat’.

Clark’s community is shocked by his arrest. Houston rapper Jmali, who is a friend of the suspect, has revealed that he never imagined him to be of the violent type. He also believes that even if Clark did shoot TakeOff, it must have been an accident.

“You could see by the reactions of everyone that we’re shocked because that’s not the type of person [Clark] is. He was about business, not violence. Pat was similar to Takeoff in that he was quiet and just went about his business. That’s why this is so surprising to everyone here,” Jmali told the media.

TakeOff was Fatally Shot on November 2

The rapper was found dead by the police after they responded to the reports of a shooting at a bowling alley in Houston on November 2. TakeOff was present at the alley with Quavo when a fight broke out after a dice game. The rapper 28 year old rapper, who was an ‘innocent bystander,’ was shot in his head and torso and died on the spot.

“We lost a good man. Hundreds of people I talked to spoke to what a great individual he was,” Police Chief Troy Finner said of the rapper. The incident sent shockwaves across the music industry, and many stars, including Cardi B, Offset, and Justin Bieber, mourned TakeOff’s death.

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