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Tacoma Mall Shooting: One Person Injured And Mall Locked Down

Tacoma Police Authorities have confirmed that one person was shot at the Tacoma Mall in Washington state on 26th November, Friday evening at the Tacoma Mall food court.

Following the incident that occurred at 7.08 PM local time, shoppers were seen scrambling for safety. The victim who was found with a gunshot wound was taken to a local hospital for treatment according to the Tacoma police department.

Sgt. Darren Moss, spokesperson of Pierce County Sheriff told news reporters, “People were fleeing, sheltering in place and the stores went into lockdown. The scene is still active, and we do not want people responding there”.

Tacoma Mall Shooting: One person shot and the mall has been temporarily closed

Police officers have urged shoppers to avoid entering the mall as police are still investigating at the scene. The mall was closed for the time being as police began to hunt for a suspect.

The County’s Sheriff’s department said in a tweet, “SHOOTING AT TACOMA MALL. There was a shooting at the mall at 7:08 p.m. one victim has been found with a gunshot wound. Please stay away from the mall at this time. Deputies and officers from all over the county are assisting Tacoma Police actively search the mall.”

It is not clear yet what led up to the shooting, however people employed in the mall said that they saw a small group get into a dispute at the food court and within no time the verbal fight was escalated that led to gunfire.

According to police authorities, there are no suspects yet in their custody as the suspects fled the mall after the incident. Police officials have secured the mall after a thorough sweep and confirmed that there was no active threat to the public.

Aury Moore, who was at the mall during the shooting said, “We heard a stampede running through the center of the mall and people trying to run in and the staff here in our store immediately went and locked the doors.

While they did that, they had everybody in the store move to the back of the store and get low. Once they had everybody in the back of the store, they opened the back room and had everybody go in the backroom and offered us water and all of that, and got on the phone called the police.”

The Tacoma Police Department said that all unaccompanied juveniles were moved to the Tacoma Mall Transit Center at the 2100 block of S 48th Street and their parents/relatives can take them home now. There were approximately 60 units from various law enforcement agencies who were present at the mall to investigate the matter.

Many users have posted pictures and videos about the shooting on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc including people who were shopping inside the mall.

There are more than 150 stores in the mall as per the website of Tacoma Mall.

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