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Swatch, the Dog Famous for Appearing in ‘Project Runway’, Dies at 15

Swatch, the adorable dog, who rose to fame with his appearance on Project Runway, has died. The Boston Terrier was 15 and a half years old and passed away in his sleep over the weekend, his owner Eric Sauma has confirmed.

Swatch had crossed the lifespan of his breed and had been having a hard time for the last few months. He was seen on several episodes of Project Runway as the mascot for Mood Fabrics and became an instant fan favorite.

Mood Fabrics Remember their Mascot Dog

Mood Fabrics announced the death of Swatch and paid tribute to him with an Instagram post. They posted a photo of the pooch wearing a crown and wrote, “It’s with heavy hearts that we inform you our beloved Swatch passed away peacefully in his sleep on Saturday morning at 15½ years old.”

“He was a star who lived a long life full of love, happiness, and plenty of pets. You couldn’t find a sweeter, more patient, or more popular boy. We will miss him with all our hearts.”

Followers also expressed their grief over their favorite dog’s passing and commented, “NOT SWATCH!! I’m sitting here crying to my fiancé about seeing Swatch in the store/on the show when I started watching Project Runway years ago 😭😭😭 So very sorry for your loss!”

“OMG this makes me so sad. I will always remember leaving class in college and before heading home. I would stop in the city in Mood to shop for fabrics for class and I would always see Swatch around the store. R.I.P Swatch❤️” remembered another fan.

Eric Sauma is Planning a Memorial for Swatch

Sauma, who got Swatch as a pet in 2007, says that the last few months had been tough for the canine. His hips had stopped functioning, and he had become blind by the time of his death. Over the weekend, Eric’s parents went to wake the dog up for breakfast but found that he had already passed away in his sleep.

The owner said that they are going to cremate Swatch and are planning to hold a memorial service in his honor. His team is also trying to feature a tribute for the dog on Project Runway. Eric also revealed plans to erect Swatch’s shrine at Mood Fabrics headquarters in New York, which could be visited by fans.

Swatch Boosted Morale of Contestants in Project Runway

The lovable dog featured on the fashion TV series several times. He was often seen greeting contestants and boosting their morale in times of intense panic. The reality show is currently in its 20th season.

A few months ago, the official website of Mood Fabrics jokingly put Swatch on sale for $1,080,962.96. “Now you can purchase your very own, non-returnable, real live Swatch. He has a profound love of fabric and beef jerky, and has made it his personal mission to bring a swift death to all squeaky toys, of which he requires a minimum of 13 present at all times,” said the official description.

Swatch was always labeled as ‘Sold Out’, with a comment that read, “Ummm….did you think this was real? We kid, we kid! No way we’re parting with this little nugget! #sorrynotsorry”

The beloved dog will surely be missed! Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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