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Spotify Introduces ‘Exclude From Your Taste Profile’ Feature, Here is How to Use It

Spotify, the most popular music streaming app in the world, is always coming up with new features to provide a better experience to its listeners. The platform has now come up with another feature that is designed to get rid of the unwanted songs that keep popping up in your playlists.

The Exclude from your Taste Profile is the new option introduced on Spotify that lets you separate certain playlists which will have no effect on your overall taste profile. So what exactly is the feature, and how to use it on the app? Read on to find out.

Spotify’s New Exclude From Your Taste Profile Feature

The taste profile is basically an algorithm through which Spotify gives you recommendations. The streaming service keeps track of the type and genre of the songs you frequently listen to and tries to come up with similar songs to give you a more personalized experience. 

It takes into account all the songs that you like and listens to frequently, which represents an idea of your music taste. Now sometimes, there are playlists that you only play for a special occasion and do not want to interrupt your overall taste profile and recommendations.

For example, you would not like your gym playlist recommendations to come up while you are studying, and vice versa. Also, there are tracks that you might listen to for a guilty pleasure but would not want that to appear on your Spotify wrapped.

In such situations, the Exclude From Your Taste Profile comes handy, which lets you choose the playlists that you do not want to include in your music taste. These playlists would then stop impacting your recommendations and help Spotify understand your preferences better.

How to Use the Exclude From Your Taste Profile Feature?

To set up the feature, the steps are quite simple:

  1. Select the playlist that you want to exclude.
  2. Tap on the three dots that appear at the top of the screen.
  3. Select ‘Exclude from your Taste Profile.’

If there are any ‘Liked’ tracks in the playlist, they will remain unaffected even after selecting the option. Meanwhile, the playlist will continue to feature on the home page of the app. In case you change your mind and want to include the playlist back into your taste profile, you just have to follow the above steps again.

Users’ Reactions to the Feature

Listeners seem to be impressed with the new feature, with some saying that they have been waiting for it for a long time. “omg ? spotify added a feature that lets you exclude playlists from your taste profile which means they won’t impact your recommendations or be in your wrapped. this is crazy to me actually,” wrote a user.

Another penned, “thank you spotify for ‘Exclude from your taste profile’. Perfect for Christmas music. @AppleMusic needs to do this.” A third one wrote, “finally an option to exclude my kid’s nursery rhymes for spotify wrapped. could not be happier. thanks spotify.”

So go ahead and test the feature, and do let us know your opinions on it.

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