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‘Sound of Music’ Family’s Rosmarie Trapp Dies at 93, Family Shares the News

We are saddened to share the bad news with you, Rosmarie Trapp, one of the von Trapp family singers passed away at the age of 93. Losing a loved one is never easy, this must be such a difficult time for her close friends and family. Read on to know more details about Trapp’s death.

Rosmarie’s family shared the news of her death

On Saturday, Trapp’s family issued a statement on the social media platform Instagram that stated, that Rosemarie, “passed away peacefully on Friday evening” and that “she was in the presence of her loved ones all day long.”

Rosmarie’s family described her as a kind and gentle soul and said, “Her kindness, generosity, and colorful spirit were legendary, and she had a positive impact on countless lives.”

They further added, “Please respect our family’s privacy as we take time to process this loss, and prepare to celebrate the life of an amazing woman. We believe the best way to recognize Rosmarie is to demonstrate the same selfless kindness and generosity that she exemplified daily.” The statement was signed by Johannes, Lynne, Kristina, and Sam von Trapp.

A little bit about Rosmarie’s personal life

Rosmarie was born near Salzburg, Austria, on Feb. 8, 1929. As per her obituary, she was the oldest child of Captain Georg and his second wife Maria Augusta. She grew up with her seven older half-siblings as well as her two younger siblings.

The von Trapp family had to leave their country Austria to escape from the Nazis in the year 1938 as tensions increased before World War II, and they eventually ended up in the United States.

The story of their life was the inspiration behind the 1959 Broadway musical, The Sound of Music. Later on, the musical was adapted into a movie in 1965 that starred Julia Andrews in the lead role. The film bagged a total of 5 Academy Awards in 1966 including best picture and best director.

The fans’ reaction to the demise of Rosmarie Trapp

As soon as the news of Trapp’s passing away came out, the fans started paying tribute to her on the social media platform Twitter. Within the blink of an eye, they flooded Twitter with loads of messages.

One user wrote, “#RIP #RosmarieTrapp of the #Musical Family Who Inspired The Sound of Music Dead at 93. 🙁 “Her kindness, generosity, colorful spirit were legendary, and she had a positive impact on countless lives,” Rosmarie Trapp‘s family said in an Instagram statement.” @ZouvelosGeorge #music

Another user tweeted, “She was the daughter we would have seen had a sequel to #SoundofMusic been made. Kind of ironic she lived to see a far too similar situation in America her half-siblings experienced in Austria.” #RosmarieTrapp

Followed by a user who penned, “R.I.P. Rosmarie Trapp !”

These were a few reactions of the fans to the passing away of the Rosmarie. We send our deepest condolences to the close friends and family of Rosmarie Trapp during this hard time. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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