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Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, Undergoes Surgery After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson has been diagnosed with breast cancer. As per various media outlets, the Duchess of York got to know about her breast cancer diagnosis at a routine mammogram screening. As per a report by The Sun, she has had a successful operation to treat breast cancer.

It has been stated by the media outlet that Sarah who was once married to Prince Andrew learned about her breast cancer diagnosis a couple of weeks ago. Keep scrolling further to learn how is Sarah Ferguson doing after the surgery.

Sarah Ferguson gets diagnosed with breast cancer

Sarah Ferguson well-known by the people as the ‘Duchess of York’ recently disclosed that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The Sun reported that she was admitted into King Edward VII Hospital in Marylebone, London, on Tuesday.

Fergie had to undergo a big operation and she was discharged from the hospital on Sunday morning after six days of medical care. Her friends have described the operation as “successful.” One of her pals went on to reveal that the “prognosis is good” thanks to the “early detection”.

At the moment, the 63-year-old duchess is reportedly resting at her house in Windsor with her family. Her friends disclosed that her breast cancer diagnosis was detected early on due to her routine screening. 

What did Sarah Ferguson’s representative have to say about her breast cancer diagnosis?

A representative of the Duchess told The Sun, “Sarah, Duchess of York was recently diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer detected at a routine mammogram screening. She was advised she needed to undergo surgery, which has taken place successfully.”

The representative went on to say, “The Duchess is receiving the best medical care and her doctors have told her that the prognosis is good. She is now recuperating with her family. The Duchess wants to express her immense gratitude to all the medical staff who have supported her in recent days.”

Sarah’s rep further added, “She is also hugely thankful to the staff involved in the mammogram which identified her illness, which was otherwise symptom free, and believes her experience underlines the importance of regular screening.”

Sarah Ferguson wanted to keep her cancer diagnosis private until she was released from the hospital

Sarah Ferguson who is the mother of Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice didn’t mark her presence at the Royal Ascot last week due to her cancer operation. Before heading to the hospital, she spilled the beans on her cancer diagnosis on her new podcast ‘Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah’, which will be airing on Monday.

The episode which was recorded before Fergie underwent the major surgery was originally scheduled to be aired on Thursday but it was postponed until she was released from the hospital. She told her close pals and family members that she wanted the news of her cancer diagnosis to be private until she was discharged from the hospital.

We wish a speedy recovery to Sarah Ferguson. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world.

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