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Samuel L. Jackson Caught Liking Adult Videos on Twitter, Unlikes After Being Pointed Out by Followers

Samuel L. Jackson started trending on Twitter on December 21 after fans caught him liking X-rated videos on his social media account. The legendary actor’s followers noticed the blunder and asked him to be ‘more discreet’.

Jackson apparently unliked all the videos after being pointed out by fans. It is not yet clear whether it was the actor himself who had liked the pornographic posts or was his account being handled by his team or a third party.

Samuel L. Jackson Caught Liking X-Rated Videos on Twitter

On Wednesday, Jackson’s followers were surprised to see that the actor had gone on a spree of liking pornographic videos on Twitter. Many believed that the star must not be knowing that when someone likes a post on Twitter, it can get displayed in their followers’ feeds.

One of the Pulp Fiction actor’s followers then pointed out the goof-up to the actor. “@SamuelLJackson Hi mate letting you know your likes are public and everyone can see them,” he tweeted. A fan also posted a screenshot of the post liked by Jackson, to which another replied, “I think everyone loves him even more after this lol.”

“Omg this is f*****g funny omg. I don’t think Samuel L Jackson knows his likes a public. Video is NSFW [Not Suitable for Work],” replied another follower. The 74 year old was then quick to unlike the posts, and by Thursday morning, all of his likes on the NSFW posts had disappeared.

However, Twitter people continued to have a field day even after the star reversed his actions. “I’m so glad someone posted this. He went and unliked everything so I missed it. Lol,” tweeted a follower. The actor’s reps have not yet responded to the whole fiasco.

The Star Earlier said that He is a Fan of Anime Pornography

After the actor started trending on Twitter, fans brought up an old video of him in which he had revealed that he liked manga and anime pornography. In 2017, Jackson was asked to answer the most asked questions on Google about him. One of the questions stated, “Does Samuel L Jackson like anime?”

The Marvel biggie then replied, “Yes I do,” before jokingly adding, “And hentai too!” Sharing the video on Twitter, a user wrote, “Seeing Samuel L Jackson’s likes makes more sense now.” A follower then replied, “leave samuel l jackson alone. he’s my hentai-liking grandpa i never had.” 

It was also Jackson’s Birthday on December 21

The time of his bizarre trend on Twitter coincided with his birthday on December 21. Many fans even joked that the actor had received an unwanted gift on his 74th birthday in the form of the controversy.

Meanwhile, the star continues to do well professionally. Earlier this year, he was presented with the Academy Honorary Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Jackson was honored for being ‘a cultural icon whose dynamic work has resonated across genres and generations and audiences worldwide.’

What are your thoughts on Samuel L. Jackson’s unexpected activities on Twitter? Tell us in the comments section.

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