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Reality Star Denise Russo, known for VH1’s ‘The X-Life’, Dies at 44

Reality star Denise Russo, known for her appearance on VH1’s The X-Life, has passed away at the age of 44. She was found unconscious at one of her friend’s house on March 5 and was pronounced dead shortly.

The official cause of her death has not been revealed yet. Russo shot to fame with the reality series in 2011. She was also trying out her hand at modelling in the last few years. Continue reading to know more about the tragic news.

The X-Life Star Denise Russo Dies at 44

San Diego law enforcement officers have revealed that Russo was found unresponsive on the floor of her friend’s home on March 5. The emergency services were then called, and the first responders made ‘aggressive attempts at resuscitation’. But the reality star could not be revived and was pronounced dead soon.

As per reports, a paraphernalia drug was found near her body. The cause of death is still being examined. The San Diego police department is now investigating the case. Russo is survived by her son Leo Wolf whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Pierre-Luc Gagnon.

Russo Shot to Fame with The X-Life in 2011

Russo participated in VH1’s The X-Life in 2011 with her then-boyfriend Pierre-Luc, a professional skateboarder. The couple was one of the three participants in the show, which followed the lives of sports athletes and their partners. The couple welcomed a son together but broke up soon after.

Russo’s friend Susie Stenberg has revealed that the reality star had been homeless for some years and living in her car. Stenberg also had a phone call with Russo the night before she died, where the latter told her that she loved her. “Denise was the most loving and loyal person,” Stenberg told the media.

The Reality Star Participated in an Ink Magazine Cover Model Competition Recently

Following her stint on The X-Life, Russo turned toward modelling. Her Instagram profile shows that she had recently competed to become an Ink Magazine cover model. One of her posts reads, “Please remember to keep voting for me on the Inked website as the next cover girl.”

Denise also stated that if she wins the competition, she will use the $25,000 cash prize to ‘build a foundation to reconnect with my son’. She added, “The money would help bring the stability in life to reunite us.” The reality star shared a close bond with her son and often posted about him on social media.

“To my Lion Wolf, you are the reason the sun shines bright in the sky, why the moon glows, is full and the stars twinkle.Leo you are why the world is good baby and magical. Thank you for being my son my cub! Love of my life, no one compares to you,” read one of her posts.

In an interview with a magazine, the model had said, “I love being a mom! I have an 8-year-old beautiful son named Leo Wolf, boys rule btw and he’s the light of my life! We wrestle, I do my Russian wrestler accent and body slam little mouse on the bed! Leo made life better and being his momma is a gift!”

Our condolences to Denise Russo’s family and friends. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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