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‘Real Housewives’ Star Erika Jayne Spotted on Date with Recently Arrested Lawyer Jim Wilkes

Erika Jayne might have found a new love interest! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum was recently spotted on an alleged date with lawyer Jim Wilkes. The 51-year-old reality star and the 72-year-old attorney were seen strolling around Las Vegas during the weekend.

The development comes amid Jayne’s messy divorce from her husband disgraced former lawyer Tom Girardi. Wilkes, on his part, made news a few weeks ago when he was arrested on the charge of a domestic dispute.

Erika Jayne Spotted on Date with Recently Arrested Lawyer Jim Wilkes

The photographs of the rumored couple were shared by Blonde Hair Black Heart podcaster Blake Adam on Sunday. The two were seen together at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Jayne, who is preparing for her upcoming residency in the city, wore a graphic black t-shirt with red leather leggings and matching heels.

Wilkes, on the other hand, sported a black leather jacket with blue jeans. The attorney is said to be providing financial support to Jayne amid her divorce. He had been a longtime associate of Jayne’s estranged husband, Girardi, and sent his rumored lady love $500,000 as she struggled with finances following her separation.

“Erika filed a summary judgment motion to get herself out of the case, and in response, the law firm noted that Erika was receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars for her legal fees from an attorney named James Lewis Wilkes, II, via Wilkes’ law firm,” read the official court documents.

Jayne Follows Wilkes on Instagram

The reality star has not yet officially commented on her relationship with Wilkes, however, she does follow him on Instagram and has liked several of his pictures. “US Army ’69-72 Vietnam Vet songwriter, music publisher, lawyer, elder advocate, world champion boxing manager, political consultant [and] humanitarian,” the lawyer’s bio reads.

Wilkes, however, posted a picture with his wife on social media on Tuesday and wrote, “My wife and me. Having a nice moment,” hinting that he could be just friends with Jayne. He was earlier reported to have filed for divorce from his wife in March 2021, but the couple appears to be together for now.

Wilkes was Arrested Last Month Over a Domestic Dispute

Jayne’s rumored love interest made headlines last month when he was arrested for firing two shots at his home over a domestic dispute with a woman. The lawyer, who has handled several cases against nursing homes representing abused residents, was taken in custody from his home in Tampa in April.

Wilkes told the police that he had grabbed a handgun in self-defense after the woman hit him in the head. He also claimed that he did not point the gun at the woman and only fired shots to scare her away. The lawyer was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor battery.

“He was attacked, and he was defending himself. That’s the extent of it,” Wilkes’ attorney Ronald Kurpiers II told the media. Meanwhile, Jayne is currently in the middle of her divorce from Girardi, who was accused of defrauding his law firm of $15 million to pay for the reality star’s lavish lifestyle.

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