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Rapper Lil Tjay Undergoing Emergency Surgery after Getting Shot Multiple Times

As reported the 21-year-old  rapper Lil Tjay who is famous for his “Run It Up” is currently undergoing emergency surgery after being shot multiple times in New Jersey.

Details of the Incident

As per the report, the incident occurred just after midnight in Edgewater, New Jersey. The alleged shooting occurred at two locations, a Chipotle Restaurant and the other at a nearby Exxon Gas Station.

The degree of injuries and the severity of the current condition has yet not been disclosed. As per the reports by TMZ, there was another victim in these shootings which occurred at two different locations but the identity of the other victim is unknown. This unidentified victim was also said to be shot multiple times at the same location as Lil Tjay.

The Statment Released

Although, as of now no particular details have been disclosed, the Bergen County Police Department in New Jersey have confirmed that two individuals have been shot around midnight and the following tweet disclosed the information-“Major Crimes Unit and Edgewater PD are investigating a shooting with 2 victims around midnight on 6/22 at 14 The Promenade in Edgewater. More details to follow.” 

Further, the Law enforcement sources expressed that Tjay was shot just after midnight Wednesday (June 22) in Edgewater, NJ. The extent of his wounds and his condition have not been revealed.”

The Investigation

The Promenade, the said location of the shooting is a residential area surrounded by shopping centres located along the Hudson River. The local newspaper of the area, Bergen Record also provided the information that the Edgewater police and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office were seen on the shooting scene around seven in the morning today and the investigation was in full swing.

A yellow crime scene tape blocked off the area which enclosed a red Dodge Durango with a bullet hole. It was also reported that blood-soaked towels were also to be seen around the crime scene.

Who is Lil Tjay?

Lil Tjay is an American rapper from New York City who is recognised for his songs which include Leaked, Brothers, Calling My Phone and Ice Cold. released his debut album in October 2019, True 2 Myself.

Regarding the success and fame of his songs, the artist expressed that “I just wanted to show my fans my personality and let them know that I’m still a regular person.”With some artists, you don’t see too much of how their life is.”

“It’s me trying to get to my next level of success, so I just need to be true to who I am and focus on that main goal.”

News like these reflects on how unfortunate it is for the community which is already trying to process the several losses that have happened this year, whether in the music industry or the multiple mass shootings which strike the news recently, but it is so difficult to process yet another shooting like this.

Though the motive behind the shooting of this young rapper is still unknown it is just sad how emotionless our world is becoming with every passing day.

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