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‘Racist’ Todd Chrisley Threatens Ex-Daughter-in-Law In Leaked Voicemail

Disgraced TV personality, Todd Chrisley is not only a fraudster but also a racist. The “Chrisley Knows BEST” alum, who was found guilty of bank fraud and tax scheme, allegedly bullied and acted racist towards her ex-daughter-in-law, Alexus “Lexi” Whilby. The woman was married to his eldest son, Kyle.

A Voicemail Reveals The Ugly Side Of Todd Chrisley

Todd Chrisley, who was sentenced to a combined prison time of 19 years along with his wife, Julie Chrisley, allegedly acted racist and bullied his ex-daughter-in-law. Alexus “Lexi” Whilbey, who was previously married to his eldest son, Kyle, shared a few voicemail messages wherein Chrisley can be heard threatening her.

She told a publication, “To see a grown man and public figure, who is the grandfather to a beautiful black child, say those horrible things was shocking.” In the audio, Todd Chrisley can be heard telling Whilbey, “No darling, you don’t need protection. You need an attorney.”

Not only this, but she claims that bullying and racism have been going on for years. “I endured the bullying comments for years in silence, but karma dealt with it so that I didn’t have to,” Alexus “Lexi” Whilby spoke as Chrisley serves a 12-year sentence.

Alexus Whilby Aided Government In Tod Chrisley’s Arrest

The alleged voicemail does not clarify the context of the conversation, but it has come out that Todd Chrisley sent these messages after he found out that Alexus aided the Georgia Department of Revenue in its investigation into his tax fraud scheme in 2017.

At one point in the audio, Chrisley says, “Call your brothers. Find out about that trust that you’ve got — that’s got that $100 million in it because I’m coming to get my part of it.” Todd also filed a lawsuit against Whilby, which he claims was “not a vendetta” but about “forcing her to do the right thing.”

Alexus Whiley is the ex-wife of Todd Chrisley’s eldest son, Kyle, who himself is entangled in various legal issues. The ex-couple does not share any child, but Kyle has a biracial daughter. Todd previously had custody of his 10-year-old daughter, as Kyle couldn’t be there for her.

The Chrisleys were sentenced to a combined prison term of 19 years in November 2022 after a jury convicted the couple of a multimillion-dollar bank fraud and tax evasion scheme. The disgraced couple is also ordered to serve an additional 16 months of probation after release. Karma does hit you hard, isn’t it?

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