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Queen Elizabeth Recovers from COVID-19: Back to Royal Duties

British Queen Elizabeth II has been reported fully recovered from Covid-19 and is actively back on her family and royal duties after fighting with Coronavirus.

The 95 year old Monarch was diagnosed with Coronavirus and has to cancel a lot of events due to the virus. 

Check out this article to know everything that has been happening in the Royal house as her majesty gets back in the Royal routine. 

Queen Elizabeth Recovers From COVID-19

Various digital publishers claimed that Queen Elizabeth II, who was diagnosed with the Covid-19 on 20th February is now getting better and getting back to her routine. She has reported recovering from the virus and the very next thing her majesty needed to do was to be with family.

Queen Elizabeth enjoyed a sunny afternoon at Windsor Castle with a few family members and friends this weekend.

Her Majesty visited Frogmore on her Windsor Estate on Sunday and spend some quality time with Prince William, Kate Middleton and their children. Queen was also accompanied by Princess Beatrice and her baby daughter. 

Queen Elizabeth is very fond of her house in Frogmore. She is often seen spending more time there with her family and walking her dogs for walks. The UK home of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is near the Frogmore Cottage. 

Princess Eugenie who has been staying in the Frogmore Cottage with her husband and her son were not present to greet the Queen as they were in the US visiting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at their home.

This was the first time Queen greeted and spend time with some of her dearest from the family after testing positive for Covid. There has been no official statement from the palace confirming the Queen’s recovery from Covid. 

On February 20th, a statement from the Palace informed the world that the Queen has been tested positive for COVID. The statement also included that the Queen was experiencing mild cold-like symptoms but expects to continue lesser duties in the coming week. 

Queen is said to be fully vaccinated and her Covid infection came after her son, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. They were reported to be tested two days after meeting her majesty. 

Queen Elizabeth Performing Royal Duties after Recovers From COVID-19

Queen Elizabeth was reported to hold a number of virtual meetings during her recovery from the Covid-19. She has her weekly audience by telephone with UK prime minister Borin Johnson.

She apparently canceled a few scheduled virtual meetings as her ongoing symptoms were getting serious. 

After recovering from the virus this week, her majesty held two virtual audiences this Tuesday, meeting digitally with the ambassadors of Chad and Andorra. She is also planning to host a few private meetings ahead this week. 

The Queen’s rapid recovery from Covid is incredible news as she looks ahead to her Platinum Jubilee this coming June when the nation will thrive to celebrate her 70th birthday. 

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