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Pro Surfer Mikala Jones Dies at 44 Following Freak Water Accident

Surfing star Mikala Jones recently passed away in a freak water accident on Sunday morning. At the time of his demise, he was 44 years old. The pro surfer’s daughter Isabella Jones announced the unfortunate news of his death on the social media platform Instagram.

In the Instagram post shared, Mikala’s daughter Isabella revealed that her dad got into a bad surfing accident and he couldn’t make it out alive. Read on to know more details about the tragic accident.

Surfing star Mikala Jones passes away after gruesome accident

Hawaiian pro surfer Mikala Jones has sadly died in a bad surfing accident. He passed away at the age of 44 on Sunday. As per Surfline, he and his family were present in Indonesia when he “suffered an accident resulting in a wound to the inside of his left groin that was approximately 10 centimeters long.”

It has been reported by the media outlet that Mikala was staying at the Awera Resort in North Sipora where the accident took place. Soon after the accident, he was taken to a hospital, where he passed away due to his injuries.

Mikala Jones’ daughter Isabella Jones confirmed the news of his death on social media

On Monday, Mikala’s daughter Isabella Jones took to her Instagram page to confirm the news of his passing. She paid a heartouching tribute to her dad on Instagram and posted a series of pictures of the father-daughter duo surfing together.

Isabella shared, “I’m in so much disbelief right now, this doesn’t feel real. I love you so much dad and I wish I could give you one last hug. I love you so much dad and i wish i could give you one last hug. I wish i could tell you again how much i love you and thank you for being the best dad. I wish you were still here with us, you weren’t supposed to leave yet. This is too soon.”

She further added, “I know you are in a good place now with nana vi, and your friends. I wish this never happened and we could just wake up and go surf together tomorrow morning.”

Jones shed some light on her dad’s tragic death and continued, “I’m not sure how to put this in words, but my dad got into a bad surfing accident and didn’t make it. I’m happy he was doing what he loved the most. Life will never be the same without you.”

The surfer’s daughter went on to say, “I miss you so much, i would do anything to get one more moment, even if it was us arguing and then laughing our asses off. Thank you for teaching me so many life lessons, and always being there for me. I wish you were still here with us right now. I will always be think about you dad ❤️ i love you so much, thank you for everything ❤️ fly high 🕊️ ur a fucking legend.”

Our love and prayers go out to the entire family of Mikala Jones during this tragic time. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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