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NFL Star Chuck Clark’s Suicide Rumors Surface on Social Media, Leaving Fans Concerned

NFL star Chuck Clark sparked concern among fans on Sunday as rumors of his death surfaced online. The 28-year-old footballer was reported to have died by suicide as per multiple reports on social media.

However, much to the relief of everyone, the Baltimore Ravens player is very much alive. He became the target of the death hoax after an influencer named Chuck, unfortunately, committed suicide after posting his last message on Instagram. Fans then confused the influencer with the footballer and started trending ‘RIP Chuck’ on social media.

Chuck Clark’s Death Rumors Spark Concern Among Fans

The hoax started when a Ravens fan page on Twitter going by the name Ravens Nation LIVE posted that Clark had passed away. The account tweeted a caricature picture of the footballer and wrote, “An icon. RIP Chuck. Mental health is real. Prayers for his family tonight.”

Soon, social media was filled with condolence messages for the player. People who did not check the authenticity of the news believed it to be true and started trending ‘RIP Chuck.’ A fan tweeted, “Man that hits so hard, He was an amazing player and i hope he is remember as such, Prayers for the Family, RIP.”

What added to the confusion was a Ravens fan who went by the same name as the player on Twitter, posted his last tweet on May 20th. “Sorry gang. I hope the Ravens do well but this will be my last tweet from me. Thanks for all the debates and laughs lol.” Fans thought that this was the last tweet by Chuck before he killed himself.

Chuck Clark is Alive, Death Reports are Fake

After a day-long of confusion, it finally became clear that Chuck Clark, whose full name is Charles Edward Clark Jr., is absolutely fine. Neither his reps nor his family came forward to confirm the news of his demise or post an obituary.

It was later revealed that a Baltimore-based social media influencer named Chuck, who went by the username hotboychuckie, was the one who had died by suicide. Just hours before taking the dreadful step, the influencer had posted a final message for his fans: “Anyways this my last post fr. And don’t be sad. I had fun life like nah fr lol I kno I lived a great life. Bye, y’all.”

The Footballer was Selected by the Ravens in 2017

Clark, a native of Virginia, has been active in the NFL for six years now. He was selected by the Ravens in the sixth round of the 2017 NFL Draft. At the time, he signed a four-year contract with the team as a strong safety. After serving as a backup safety for a few games, he made his professional debut against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The footballer went on to play for the team for the subsequent five seasons. He ended his 2022 season with a career-high of 101 total tackles and 61 solo tackles. On March 15th this year, he was traded to the New York Jets in exchange for a 2024 seventh-round pick.

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