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Morgan Wallen’s Ex-Fiancée Katie Smith Sustained Bruises And Swelling After A Gruesome Car Accident

The ex-fiancée of Morgan Wallen, Katie Smith, recently suffered a gruesome car accident where she sustained bruises and facial swelling.

However, Smith was not seriously injured in the accident, so she is thankful to be alive today.

The Face Of Katie Smith Was Bruised And Swollen After The Accident

A brutal car accident in Nashville, Tennessee, left Morgan Wallen’s ex-fiancée, who is also the mother of his child, on the verge of becoming critically injured after she was involved in a horrific car accident.

In an Instagram story shared on Thursday, February 23, Wallen’s ex, KT Smith, shared a photo of the wrecked vehicle in front of a Nashville Fire Department truck with a caption saying that while she’s grateful to be alive, she had been in a scary car accident on Wednesday night, February 22.

As well as the photo of the car Smith posted on her Instagram story, she also posted a picture of the “absolutely terrifying” injury bruising and swelling that adorned the right side of her face. She also took the time to express her gratitude to her friends and family for their support during this difficult time.

During the story, Smith shared that she was driving the vehicle involved in the accident at the time, adding that as a result of the injuries she received on her face. She said, “can’t walk on my right side. …some semi ran a red light and demolished us,” Smith explained to one Instagram user.

“Since I’m posted up right now I just want to say that as traumatic as last night was, it really was so beautiful,” Smith wrote on Thursday in an Instagram story she shared on the platform. “Between sweet friends/family around, all the love and support, being alive after every doctor that walked by said ‘they shouldn’t be alive, and he definitely shouldn’t be alive,’ it could have been so much worse.”

Smith’s Friend Caden McGuire Was Also In The Car

According to the tags on Smith’s post, Caden McGuire, a friend, was also with Smith in her car when it crashed. He appears to confirm this on his own Facebook page. There, he posted the exact image of the destroyed car and a picture of himself covered in bandages in front of the wrecked vehicle.

“I’m running out of lives, but I ain’t dead yet,” he said in a post on his Instagram handle. It is also noteworthy that Smith did not disclose any information about the truck driver’s situation.

Katie Smith And Morgan Wallen Dated On And Off

The singer Morgan Wallen and Katie Smith, known to her fans as “KT,” are believed to have begun dating sometime between 2017 and 2018. In the early days of their relationship, the two appeared on each other’s social media feeds, but they parted ways just as Wallen’s star was beginning to rise in the music industry.

Despite Wallen and Smith’s ostensible single status, they welcomed their son, Indie Wilder, in July 2020 despite ostensibly being single. In addition, there have been many times when Smith was transparent about how she first bonded with Wallen and why it was so difficult for them to separate after having a baby together.

According to her post on her blog, Thot Thoughts, she and Wallen first became acquainted through the video-sharing app Snapchat, in which she detailed their first encounter.

The story of Smith’s relationship with Wallen begins with her and Wallen spending a lot of time together, dating, and then getting engaged within a few months of dating. There was, however, a deterioration in relations between Smith and the aspiring country music star in the end.

As Katie Smith was involved in a gruesome car accident, it seemed like the worst had happened. But miraculously, she emerged from the accident alive with only bruises and swelling. It is nothing short of a miracle that she survived this devastating accident. Keep an eye on us for more updates on celebrities in the future.


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